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Fully Charged

Getting your auxiliary battery and power management system right means peace of mind when overlanding.

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Wire Free Airbags

With his supplementary rear airbags working a treat, Steve decided to see about making their inflation and deflation a little less taxing

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Three Classic Camp Recipes with an Aussie Twist

Rustle up your standard Aussie fare, but with native and sustainable ingredients.

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Essential Winching Kit

We run you through all the equipment you need in order to use your winch to save the day when caught out on the tracks.

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How you can help fire-affected communities

With drought and bushfire affecting much of the country, Camper considers what travellers can be doing on the road to help affected communities regroup and recover.

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PICTURE CREDIT: cobraphoto/Getty Images

Tasty Tucker: Chilli Crab Linguine

Pinch back a touch of class with this blue swimmer crab linguine, the perfect choice for a night at the beach.

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PICTURE CREDIT: Getty Images/ from_my_point_of_view

Camp Cooking: Beer Battered Whiting with Homemade Tartare

How good is freshly caught fish? Make the most of your haul with this tasty beer batter and homemade tartare recipe.

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PICTURE CREDIT: Aleksey Malakhov/Getty Images

Tasty Tucker: Kangaroo with a Spicy Kick

Skippy hops down your gullet with this delicious Thai curry.

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Through the Pentecost River in the Top End

Water Crossing Wisdom

Crossing water with a camper trailer can feel like jumping into the deep end, literally. Here are a few swimming lessons to keep you afloat.

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Gear review: OzTrail Forbes Camp Chair

A comfortable chair is one of the most important pieces of kit you can pack for any trip — how does the Forbes from OzTrail stack up?

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Cub Campers Frontier Reviewed

Cub Campers are a mainstay in Aussie manufacturing, but after 50 years do they still have what it takes?

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