Dezitrek - Portable Washing Solution for Camping

John Ford — 5 July 2022
The Dezitrek wash bag is a quick eco-friendly answer to your camping laundry day!

Even with many vans now equipped with a washing machine, we can’t always hook up the 240V power. Given a choice between clean clothes and a stinky aroma, the Dezitrek Plunger Wash Bag might be a simple alternative to banging your garments on a rock. 

The Dezitrek was developed in Australia by travelling mum Carrie Kelton, a self-described freecampaholic. Carrie told us the bag saves time and money at laundromats and is eco-friendly by using less water, especially if you switch to biodegradable soapberries for a rinse-free wash.

Made from high-quality waterproof PVC, the washers come in two sizes and can be rolled to take minimal space for storage.

We tried the medium version, which is big enough for a pair of jeans, a couple of t-shirts and some undies, and I’m told it’s twice the size of the small model. The system comes with an extendable aluminium shaft plunger with a rubber head to give the clothes and ourselves a vigorous workout. 

After filling the bag with water to the fill line, we added a small scoop of dry detergent. Don’t use too much as the water volume is low. Around ten up and down mixes were enough to stir up the soapy water, ready for draining. In the past, we have used a bucket with a lid to slop around when we drive, but the plunger gives a much better agitation of the clothes to get the soapy water right in.

By rolling the top of the bag down a few tight turns and clipping the bag shot, it was ready for the draining cycle. A 4in drain hole is exposed after unscrewing the cap, and by kneeling on the bag, most of the water was squeezed out of the clothes.

We then a freshwater cycle like the first cycle, and once rinsed, the clothes were ready to hang for drying. You can use wool wash and save on water by doing away with the freshwater wash

The bag and plunger seem strongly built, and together they make a practical and fashionable looking product finished in bright green. You can use the bag for dirty clothes, and there’s a strap for hanging to dry. The plunger folds down for storage, and both fit in their own drawstring bag. 


RRP: $69.98 (small), or $74.98 (medium)

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