The Swag Produce Bag

Julia Jene — 21 July 2022
Best solution to save food waste on your trip!

Tired of throwing out rotten fruit and vegetables on your trips? More than just an inconvenience, when food rots in landfill, it gives off methane, a greenhouse gas which is 25 times more potent than the carbon pollution from car exhausts. Plus, when you throw away uneaten food, even into the compost, you are wasting the water, fuel and other resources it took to get that product from the farm to your home.

Meet The Swag, a non-toxic, washable and reusable bag that keeps produce crisp, healthy and happy for weeks (not days), helping you reduce food waste and make fewer stops for supermarket visits. You’ll also have the confidence that your fruit and vegetables will last the distance. 

The Swag has a unique patented three-layer design to help keep fruit and vegetables fresher for longer. The inner layer provides a dryer protection layer. The middle layer is thicker and holds moisture, allowing the fresh produce to breathe and hydrate. The outer layer helps to keep this hydration by providing protection. This all helps to create the perfect environment for storing fruits and vegetables.

With a wide range of size options, you can buy The Swag products individually to test them out or go for one of their bundles to fully-utilise the philosophy. 

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