Muk Mat Reviewed

John Ford — 14 February 2022
Keep it Clean

Keeping sand and dirt out of the van when camped at the beach can be difficult, especially if, like me, tidiness isn’t a go-to option. But keeping the interior of the van clean is a must if you want a good night's sleep in a sand-free bed.

For our trip to the NSW North Coast recently, we took along a Muk Mat, and it proved its weight in gold when we camped right on the water at Brooms Head, Wooli and other spots on the beach. 

The Muk Mat is an Aussie concept. Tod and Suzanna Horton developed it for their family to keep their car clean after trips to the local beach. When passing strangers asked where the mat came from the couple saw a demand for the product and Muk Mat was born. 

The mats are now made on the Gold Coast from recycled materials with UV protected 40mm synthetic blades set into two individual backing layers to secure the fibres. The edges have a waterproof web binding to prevent fraying, and each mat has a Velcro strap to roll it for storage.

The mat feels remarkably soft underfoot, and the deep piles wrapped high around my feet to ensure all sand was removed. It feels very luxurious on bare feet. The mat was easy to clean. Every couple of days, we gave it a good shake, and the amount of sand it held was terrific. 

Before we packed the mat away, we hosed it down and let it dry in the sun. This is also the recommended cleaning method for mud. I noticed that the mat got quite hot in direct sunlight, so I rigged a shade from the awning, which solved that problem.

From someone sceptical about how useful the mat would be, I'm now a convert. It did exactly what it was supposed to and kept the van clean throughout our month on the road.

Mats come in various sizes, including one for a caravan step. We chose the large green on green version which seemed a natural fit for the outdoors, but you can choose bindings in black, grey and brown.

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