Tim van Duyl — 21 December 2022
We review the Offline Ryder Toy Hauler from Offline Campers


Offline Campers is a South Australian company that specialises in manufacturing high-quality and practical camper trailers for the outback. Founded by Sam Renyolds, an adventurer who loves to ride, Offline Campers started with the Raker, a rear-folding camper designed for families, before launching the Domino, a hybrid camper trailer that won Camper Trailer of the Year in 2022. Offline Campers' trailers are known for their strong focus on practicalities, including lockable storage and well-equipped kitchens, as well as their impressive water and power capacities.


The Offline Ryder is designed specifically for those who love to ride and transport their toys, with the ability to haul up to three bikes, or options for two bikes or side-by-sides, like a Polaris or quad bikes. It also includes tie-down points for secure transport, as well as four Jerry cans for additional fuel storage. The Offline Ryder is a high-quality and practical choice for adventure seekers who want to bring their toys with them on their travels.

In addition to its bike-hauling capabilities, the Offline Ryder also boasts impressive water and power capacities. It features 180 litres of water split between a drinking tank and a general-use tank and runs on a 200-amp hour lithium battery with a 2600-watt inverter by Enerdrive. These power and water systems are protected and tucked away safely, ensuring reliable performance and durability on the road.

One of the standout features of the Offline Ryder is its excellent kitchen layout, complete with a Dometic fridge, stove and sink, as well as plenty of bench space for cooking up a storm. The camper also has ample storage options, including two massive front lockers and a side locker, as well as a pair of deep drawers (584mm x 1350mm x 240mm) in the rear for gear and supplies.

The kitchen is built around a Dometic CFX95L fridge/freezer, which should draw around 2-3 amps per hour on a hot day so expect to run it for a week or more from the 200aH battery fitted. With the supplied 175w solar blanket, you’ll almost be able to stay indefinitely, add on a second 200w and you’ll be good even in average weather. 

Water heating is by way of an excellent Webasto diesel heater. These are great on fuel and quick to heat water. Being an Offline, the kitchen is plumbed from the get-go, with no fiddly bayonets to struggle with. 


On top of the Ryder is a Camp King RTT1 rooftop tent, arguably the best in the business and the creator of the hard-shell RTT. They vary in price from $3,000-$12,490, depending on what you option on.

What you’ll always get is durable construction and innovative features, such as easy-to-use ladder systems, breathable and waterproof fabrics, and sturdy mounting systems. These tents are designed to withstand the elements and provide a comfortable and safe sleeping environment for campers, whether they are on the road or in the great outdoors.

You can BYO RTT or talk to Sam and the team about what best suits your needs for your Ryder. 


The Ryder uses the underpinnings of the award-winning Domino, which means it's light, has decent clearance and is tough. Its light weight is probably its best attribute solely because it means you can carry more payload. 

With a tare from 1100kg and an ATM up to 2500kg, you can option your Ryder to haul as much as 1400kg, or more than 10 Yamaha WR250R’s. Haul three bikes, four spare wheels, 80L of fuel and you still have an easy 500-750kg left over for water, food and personal supplies - impressive. 

We towed it with Sam’s ageing 100 Series Landcruiser. It has had some work done to it and it still has that sweet 1HD-T charm but it is tired. It towed well though. It had enough power for the estimated 1500kg our Ryder would have tipped the scales at. I reckon towing with a modern ute would be the go, though you’d lose a little of the rea departure angle an SUV like the Landcruiser affords. 

The ride of the trailer itself was damn near perfect. Our test Ryder sat on Cruisemaster's excellent XT trailing arm suspension with an air bag upgrade. With the air bags, you can level the trailer on uneven ground quickly and easily, as well as raise and lower the tow height to suit your car and where you are driving. It was also optioned with a holding tank, which can be used to inflate tyres on your bikes, the trailer and your car - I’d always tick this option. 


Overall, the Offline Ryder is a high-quality and practical toy hauler camper that is perfect for those who love to explore the great outdoors and enjoy activities like offroad biking and camping. Its strong focus on practicalities, impressive water and power capacities, and excellent kitchen layout make it a standout choice for adventurers.


A few readers have commented on the video above about some ratchet tie-downs seen in some driving shots - yes they are there the support the frame. Not mentioned in the video (or above in our original review) is that this Ryder is the first Offline have produced and is a prototype of sorts. 

Sam and author Tim spoke about it a lot during our testing. Sam mentioned a few designs already in the process of validating that will tie in four points (possibly six) across the rear of the frame. The idea is to add rigidity, some branding and possibly act as a ramp for loading bikes and ATV's onto the bed of the camper. 

Sam and the team at Offline Campers will comment more and no doubt share design ideas if you have any concerns (or ideas to share)

Offline Ryder Specifications 

Travel height
2450mm (excluding RTT)
From 1100kg
1900kg - 2500kg
800kg - 1400kg
Price as tested


Offline Ryder CTOTY Camper Trailer Toy Hauler Domino