Powering Up with Enerdrive

Julia Jene — 1 March 2022
Power systems are integral for keeping your rig up and running when hitting the road — we caught up with Enerdrive to talk about all things power

1. What are the benefits of having an Enerdrive power system that is completely composed of Enerdrive accessories and parts?

Complete power systems are the true Enerdrive difference. Whilst alternative systems usually comprise of individual products from various brands, at Enerdrive we can cater for the entire pipeline of energy requirements. In the case of a power fault, having a multitude of differently branded products often causes confusion and frustration when attempting to identify the root of the issue. Alternatively, adopting a complete Enerdrive power system grants you peace of mind knowing that any tech issues will only ever require one call to our experienced senior technicians, all of whom have a wealth of fault-finding experience at their disposal.

Building a power system comprised entirely of Enerdrive products is also a long-term investment with a multitude of benefits (easier fault finding, five year warranty, powerful and reliable performance, and a stellar support service to name a few).

From a lifestyle perspective, the translation is much the same, managing your power consumption and intake goes from a tedious daily chore to a mere afterthought.

2. Over the 18 years that Enerdrive has grown, it has expanded its offerings considerably. Tell me a bit about the industries and companies you now service and how that growth has occurred.

Enerdrive embarked on its own “Brand Identification” program some years ago and started private labelling products for the Australian market. These included our eLITE & ePRO battery monitors, Magnasine Inverter/Chargers, Dual Battery kits and VSR relays. With the success of these items in the marketplace, we added more lines to this portfolio including off-grid fixed and folding solar panels and regulators, inverters & DC2DC converters.

In recent times Enerdrive has embarked on its own manufacturing program. We saw the need to control our own destiny and produce high-end products that the Australian market place was demanding. This program has led to Enerdrive manufacturing its own range of ePOWER AC battery chargers & DC2DC battery chargers, alongside Lithium battery systems. Including our own branded products, Enerdrive are the largest stockist of Blue Sea electrical installation equipment in Australia. This product range is engineered to withstand the demanding applications in marine and mobile electrical systems.

In the early days, Enerdrive was a significant player in the on-grid solar industry. As time moved forward, Enerdrive found that the business was better suited to the off-grid/standalone arena, so a distributorship alliance was formed with the world leader in off-grid solar controller technology — Morningstar.

Enerdrive carry large stocks of the Morningstar product range and are constantly working with Morningstar to produce specific charging algorithms to suit the latest battery technology including Lithium. With other significant national distribution rights such as Delta Q, TBS Electronics & Xantrex. Enerdrive are not just a wholesale box seller, we have our own in-house design team that offer custom design systems for specific applications.

3. When developing new products or trailer builds, how important is it to work with the customer to ensure all needs are met?

Enerdrive has an in-house Design & Manufacturing team that is consistently seeking to bring the most innovative products to market. This is largely fueled by taking into consideration the feedback we receive from our customers, along with a keen interest on emerging trends to ensure our products keep up with the changing tides.

Not only do we have the capacity and experience to create fully custom builds, we have also developed a suite of pre-wired systems designed to cater for just about every size and application imaginable.

This flexibility allows us to be extremely dynamic in our approach to satisfying the needs of our customers.

4. Speaking of customer satisfaction, tell me a bit about your advanced warranty and the benefits it offers customers.

Enerdrive strives to promote the beauty of exploration and seeing the most of the great outdoors. But with that also comes an interesting predicament — What do you do if you are out bush, and something goes wrong with your gear? This is how the advanced warranty program was born…

The last thing we want is for our customers to have to end their trips prematurely, hence we offer an Advanced Warranty Program. We take a payment equal to the RRP value of a new unit and send a replacement unit out via courier that day. Upon testing the old unit, if it is deemed to be faulty we refund the full RRP value back to the customer.

This process has successfully allowed for our customers to keep their travels going and significantly diminish any downtime — a great peace-of-mind for those with only a finite amount of time off work to travel.

5. How important is it to have the right people in Enerdrive? For example, tell me a bit about the high level of expert support offered to customers after the sale and the support offered during a build.

Stellar customer support is everything to us at Enerdrive, and that all starts with hiring the right people for the job. Whilst we of course require a certain level of expertise, it is just as important to us to find people that truly understand what it means to go the extra mile in supporting our customers. With a team of senior technicians on hand, our support continues well after the initial point of purchase, with many customers citing their experience as the best support from a company they’ve ever had — not just within the industry, but elsewhere too.

6. How has Enerdrive overcome the challenges of the past two years?

Whilst undeniably a challenging time for all in our industry, Enerdrive have managed to overcome the challenges of the past two years via maintaining and developing what we do best — supporting our customer base.

Not only has there been a concerted hiring effort to expand our team and cater for enormous demand, but we have also considerably expanded upon our support offering. During this time, we launched and continue to nurture an ever-growing community support page, Enerdrive Unplugged, via Facebook. With 7.6K members and growing, it has been a radical success, ensuring our customers can access support however it best suits them — whether that be over the phone or online and after hours.

Furthermore, we’ve launched a tech support chatbot and rolled out numerous in-depth video guides presented by our expert staff covering FAQ, install advice and much more.

7. How has the acquisition by Dometic helped the company to evolve and grow further?

After developing a stellar reputation within the market for customer support and asserting ourselves firmly as a leader within the industry, Enerdrive were acquired by the Dometic organisation in May of 2021. Now joining a global powerhouse, the gateways are open for Enerdrive to expand into new horizons. Moving forward, Enerdrive aims to bring new and exciting solutions to market, whilst staying true to its reputation for delivering unparalleled customer service across both the B2B and B2C markets alike as well as taking the Enerdrive product offering worldwide.

Joining the Dometic family has also furthered our ability to fund research and development activities and open the doors to bringing our range of products and systems to entirely new audiences.

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