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Ironman 4x4 Megatom

Ensuring you have enough lighting when going offroad is essential. But, is it better to have spotlights, light bars or, even better, why not both?

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Simple Mods to Pimp Your Camper

It doesn’t take much to mod your camper. It’s more a case of taking your time, using the right tools and remembering to measure twice and cut once.

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My newly installed Lightforce Strikers, looking smart and not hindering airflow

How to choose and install aftermarket driving lights

Factory lights don’t cut it in the bush. We run you through how to choose the right aftermarket lights and how to install one popular option, Lightforce Strikers.

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Troubleshoot your Tail and Brake Lights

Brake and tail-lights should be one of the most basic components of any trailer, but at one time or another, they can also be a source of problems for all users.

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Fit-out your rig with HID spotlights

DIY: Fit Out Your Rig With HID Spotlights

This straightforward conversion is suitable for any DIYer, and will make a massive difference to the intensity and quality of your spotlights.

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If you haven’t replaced the tail light wiring loom before, I’ll show you the ropes

How to replace your tail lights + other 12V wiring tips

How to replace your tail lights plus other 12V wiring tips

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Review: HardKorr Bushmaster 4200TE Compact Camper

If you have an adventure planned, hook this camper up, throw in a fridge and you are ready to go.

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Review: SWAG SCT13 MAX Off-Road Hybrid Camper

A 13ft hybrid shouldn’t have all the features that the SCT13 MAX does. For a quick roadside overnight you don’t even have to put the roof up as you can sit on the bed with the roof down.

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