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Taipan Centaur

Taipan Centaur Review

Taipan Centaur Review

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The new Pioneer Mitchell hybrid camper on review.

Pioneer Campers Debuts New Mitchell Hybrid

Pioneer Campers debuts new Mitchell

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The old hardfloor camper’s been right around Australia, more than once if memory serves me correctly

Camper Trailer Restorations 101

Camper trailer restorations 101

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Mars Campers Extremo

2016 CTOTY: Mars Campers Extremo

Take a look at this versatile and durable contender, the Mars Campers’ rising star the Extremo, a hardfloor camper trailer prepared for the Australian terrain.

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Towing a hardfloor camper trailer is now within the scope of a small to medium size car.

More Aussies to Enjoy Hardfloor Camping with the Corolla Class Opus Allroad

More Aussies to enjoy hardfloor camping with the Corolla Class Opus AllRoad

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The Gascoyne is one of the first in the range that can be fitted with the new, optional motorised li

Motorised Setup Now Available in the Pioneer Luxury Hardfloor Range.

Motorised setup now available in the Pioneer luxury hardfloor range

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Mountain Trail Campers EDX Hardfloor

Mountain Trail Campers EDX Hardfloor: Review

With more style and luxury than a Hilton Hotel, has the Mountain Trail EDX got what it takes to impress Mr Fussy?

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RhinoMax Off Road Campers says it is offering a five grand discount to Camper Trailer Australia read


NEW CAMPERS: RHINOMAX OUTBACK WARRIOR Camper trailer manufacturer RhinoMax has released its new Outback Warrior — an Aussie-made hardfloor camper trailer retailing for under $35,000.

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Gear review: OzTrail Forbes Camp Chair

A comfortable chair is one of the most important pieces of kit you can pack for any trip — how does the Forbes from OzTrail stack up?

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Cub Campers Frontier Reviewed

Cub Campers are a mainstay in Aussie manufacturing, but after 50 years do they still have what it takes?

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