Real People: Alan and Sue

Dan Everett — 3 August 2017
Alan and Sue are proud Trackabout owners who love travelling, but a recent upgrade to the Tourer Tent has really elevated their camping experiences.

Alan and Sue are two retired Aussies who have been happy owners of a Trackabout Safari SV Extenda camper trailer for four years now.

"We recently upgraded to the Tourer Tent and have loved it ever since. Our first trip was Christmas camping on Stradbroke Island, with the heat, insects and torrential downpours of the season. We enjoyed insect-free, breezy sleeping quarters, sand-free living area, a protected kitchen and no leaks in heavy rain.

The couple has towed their trusty proven camper more than 22,000km from the Sunshine Coast through Qld, NT, WA, SA and back through Birdsville to home, including Cape Leveque and across the Great Central Road to Uluru. 

"We love the integrated pole system in the kitchen area, it just opens up and is ready to peg. No more fiddly pole adjustments. The removable, zip-off walls and floor makes our Tourer Tent fully customisable depending on the environment we're camped in. It’s an important feature for us, because our needs change if we're camped in the desert for a night, or the beach for two weeks.

Most importantly, our Tourer is so quick and easy to set up.

"We no longer worry about the physical strain set-up and put-down could put on us. Within ten minutes of arriving at a site, we can have the whole camper set up and the kitchen sorted. We might still have “carguments” on the way to our destinations, and high-level negotiations picking our sites, but once we decide to set up, we are enjoying a drink and the view within minutes.”


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