How to make your own DIY camp shower

Scott Heiman — 13 January 2017

Unfortunately not all caravans have an onboard shower. Here's how to make your own shower for remote touring. After all, situations still arise when we may want to get back to basics when it comes to ‘field hygiene’.

For example:

  • Not all campers and caravans are fitted with a shower and we don’t always want to be putting our hands in our pockets to buy more and more after-market kit like shower units and pumps, etc;
  • Sometimes we simply forget to pack the things we mean to take away with us;
  • Even when we take the gear we think we need, it doesn’t always work the way we want it to, when we want it to; and
  • Worse still, sometimes we leave our kit behind at the last camp. It’s just the way things are.

At times like this, it’s worth remembering ‘Adapt, Improvise and Overcome’. This involves looking around your campsite, camping and hardware stores with a new perspective.


This means using things for a new use or purpose. So, your first option for getting clean might be to use a bucket like a bird bath.


Once you’ve started thinking outside the square, it won’t take long to figure out how you could improve on your make-shift bottle shower.


The capacity to ‘overcome’ requires an innovative approach to life’s challenges. It means that we can take the unexpected in our stride and move on.

If we can make a shower instead of relying on pre-packaged commercial options, we’ve shown ourselves that we can be self-sufficient when we want to be. And self-sufficiency is a great habit to form, particularly if we’re planning on heading into remote areas where access to modern conveniences may be limited. 

To check out the full feature and learn more about making your own DIY shower, head to Without a Hitch.


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