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Matt Fehlberg — 8 March 2016

Back in the 70s when 4WDs were few and far between, three adventure-seeking mates got their ‘offroad thrills’ with customised Volkswagen Beetles modified as beach buggies. Each was fitted with custom-made bullbars, roll bars and sand tyres and they drew the attention of friends and bystanders. Before long, Lloyd Taylor, Cliff Jones and Steve Mollenhauer were making hand-made custom bars for a growing number of fans. As the demand continued to grow, they decided it was time to get serious.

In 1973, with little more than their combined initials, shared passion and appreciation for quality products, TJM was founded and the rest is history. They were pioneers and TJM became one of the first companies in Australia to manufacture and distribute high quality 4WD equipment.

TJM’s product range has grown extensively to include steel and alloy bullbars, nudge bars, side and rear protection bars, side steps, trade racks, roof racks, recovery equipment, winches, XGS suspension, Airtec snorkels, Pro Lockers and roof-top tents and awnings.

While TJM has grown to be a sophisticated operation, it has never forgotten the key elements that resulted in the formation of the brand: trust, from the quality of manufacturing; pride, in innovative designs; and adventure, daring to head out from suburbia and experiencing the wonders of our unique and breathtaking country.

TJM is a natural partner for the Camper Trailer of the Year competition and was there to support the industry’s leading celebration of some of the best camper trailer designs and applications.


If you don’t own a hi-lift jack you’re not serious about offroading.

Well, that might be a bit of a tough definition, but a hi-lift jack is a mighty handy solution to some serious potential recovery problems.

A TJM Recovery Jack provides a means of lifting the vehicle in almost any terrain, where the use of a more conventional jack is prohibited by uneven ground, deep holes or excessive clearance issues, the latter a not uncommon issue with tow rigs with raised suspension/body lifts.

A hi-lift jack can be used in all manner of creative ways. Use it to break the bead on a tyre which needs replacing or repair by placing the base on the edge of a tyre, against the rim, and jacking against the load of your front bar. Use it as a hand winch to drag the vehicle off or out of an obstacle by attaching a cable at each end.

The TJM Recovery Jack has a working load limit of 1000kg, can raise up to 1120mm (44in) and will drop to a low point of just 150mm (6in). It fits directly into the T-slot Recovery Points unique to TJM Bullbars without any additional attachments. It has a cast column jacking mechanism, unique rubber jack keeper and comes with its own recovery jack bag.

With a RRP of $131.24 it’s not going to break the bank, and the first time it gets you out of a mess out on a track somewhere, you’ll admit that it was a real bargain.


TJM’s Air Compressor has been proven to be a real boon to anyone who enjoys the use of their vehicle, anywhere, any time. Whether you’re driving around town, on a quiet weekend away, or on a full-blown expedition in the outback there will be times when you could do with a TJM Air Compressor.

And now TJM has released an improved model of its popular Air Compressor, with the pressure gauge relocated from the compressor unit to the hose send for enhanced accuracy of pressure readouts and to make it easier to monitor tyre pressures at the tyre without having to move the unit around.

The 72L per minute maximum airflow enables tyres to be quickly inflated no matter where you are, and it comes with an easily removed 7.2m ‘quick connect’ rubber hose with a brass air valve connector. The compressor unit has a heavy duty sand tray to keep it clear of grit and foreign matter, and it has a rugged easy-store carry bag that can be packed into your vehicle’s luggage space without damaging upholstery, ready for easy retrieval whenever you need it.

The unit draws 30A, has a maximum working pressure of 120psi and maximum restart pressure of 150psi. It will operate between -55°C and 60°C, has an automatic thermal cut-off switch to prevent overheating and weighs 5.5kg.

The compressor can be permanently mounted and hard-wired if desired and it comes with a generous five-year Australia-wide guarantee.

The improved TJM Air Compressor has a RRP of $175.


It was late afternoon, the cloud was heavy and threatened rain at any minute when we reached the bottom of a steep, shaly hill. The first camper and its tow vehicle took a good run at it and got halfway up before the wheels started to scrabble helplessly. They backed cautiously down and took another run, getting no further. Again, they backed down and we all sat while tyre pressures were lowered further and, again, they had a shot at it. With onlookers urging them on the sliding, tyre-spinning, the struggling combo finally made it up around the corner at the top.

The next couple of tow vehicles and campers scrabbled for traction and momentum but, with the forewarning, had their tyre pressures sorted before they started and enough throttle to get them over the top. The Patriot team, with their relatively light X1 Limited Edition camper behind their mighty LC200 SuperTourer, seemed to do it with ease. Then the next camper and its Isuzu D-Max tow car combo scrabbled to a halt, highway-terrain tyres spinning helplessly on the loose shale.

It was getting dark, rain threatened, and if we got any water on this stuff, everyone down the bottom would be stranded there, there would be no more getting up this hill on this day. When the TJM team’s 4WD couldn’t get past to assist on the narrow track, the only other option seemed to be to bring that Patriot with extended wheelbase SuperTourer back down the hill. Without even unhooking the camper, they backed down, and as they came down the slope, out came the TJM recovery kit.

This was going to be real world testing of the sponsor’s products in the toughest possible way.

An 11,000kg-rated TJM snatch strap was attached to the SuperTourer, an 8000kg-rated TJM snatch strap was attached to the two front recovery points with TJM shackles, to ensure the pulling point would be central, and a large TJM shackle secured the end of the main snatch strap. The big LC200 took up the strain and then away it went, roaring, scrabbling, clawing its way up a hill that was steep enough to make it difficult to walk, with 1.5t of camper and 3t of dual cab ute on the back.

No sweat…

TJM produces three recovery kits, and you shouldn’t be heading off into the bush without at least one of them.

The TJM Heavy Duty Recovery Kit includes a 9m 11,000kg-rated snatch strap, 20m 6000kg-rated winch extension strap, 5m 10,000kg-rated tree trunk protector, 8000kg-rated snatch block, two 19mm bow shackles, two 16mm bow shackles, heavy duty recovery gloves and a recovery blanket. With a RRP of $177.69 it’s well worth having.

The TJM Large Recovery Kit includes a 9m 8000kg-rated snatch strap, 20m 4000kg-rated winch extension strap, 3m 8000kg-rated tree trunk protector, 8000kg-rated snatch block, two 19mm bow shackles, heavy duty recovery gloves and a recovery blanket. As long as you don’t want to be hauling dual cab ute and camper trailer combos up steep hills this will answer for just about all your recovery needs, with a RRP of $318.15.

For those with lighter load demands there is the TJM Snatch Strap Kit. Included is a 9m 8000kg-rated snatch strap, two 16mm bow shackles and heavy duty recovery gloves, it will handle all your needs in mud or sand when a stout pull on the snatch strap is what you need to get someone out of trouble. RRP is $123.54.

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