Teaching kids the joy of camping

Michael Borg — 9 November 2015

Education. It’s one of those things that every kid needs to make it in today’s technically advanced world.

Millions of dollars are spent each year in building schools, inventing new programs and developing new methods to teach kids how to count, write and drive a computer by the age of six. These days, youngsters who can barely speak a word can navigate their way around a video game like Craig Lowndes gets around Mount Panorama.

Heck, my two-year-old nephew already knows how to take a bloody selfie! That’s right, a bloody selfie! And here I am thinking I’m all sophisticated because I finally figured out how to turn on my iPhone’s torch without unlocking the key pad! So, what am I getting at?

Well, kids are pretty smart these days when it comes to technology, but when it comes to the bare basics common sense stuff, it’s an entirely different story. That’s where a bit of camping and time on the road can really show kids a different side to the world. You know; the kind of stuff you simply can’t teach in a classroom.

The reality is that some kids wouldn’t have the slightest clue of what camping is all about. The thought of sleeping in the great outdoors has probably never even crossed their minds. Then there are the people who still think milk comes from the shop, steak grows on trees and water is made in China.

I’m definitely not a trained teacher, but I’d say kids need to learn a healthy mix of modern technology along with how the world actually works. I’ve said it for years, you can’t teach common sense – but a bit of time on the road or out in the bush can go a really long way!

Think of it like this: the world is one big giant playground, and the more of it you explore, the better! Chances are, if you’re reading this magazine, you’ve already adopted the offroad camping lifestyle, so spread the word among your friends, and maybe, just maybe, the next few generations will have the chance to soak up everything the great Australian playground has to offer, too.

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