2015 Review: Complete Campsite Range

Emma Ryan — 12 May 2015
Camper Review

The name Complete Campsite is synonymous with luxury touring in the great outdoors.

The company has a well-earned reputation for being among the first to introduce appointments such as power management, dual water pumps for tapping external water sources and heating to the camper trailer market, forever changing the way families tour.

The company continues to push boundaries in comfort and design with all of its nine models arguably considered leaders in their respective classes.


The baby of Complete Campsite’s range of Exodus camper trailers, the Exodus 9 offers a smaller, more affordable version of the brand’s award-winning hybrid. It does this by stripping back the added niceties its older siblings are laden with, providing a more basic package in way of comforts while maintaining the same stringent build quality and offroad performance.

That means the same single mould fibreglass body construction as its siblings, independent trailing arm suspension with dual shocks, a DO35 offroad coupling and full dust proofing. Indeed, with its slim 1830mm width, the Exodus 9 is the most offroad capable of the Exodus range, its lighter weight and smaller dimensions making light work of tough offroad tracks.

Coming in at just over $55k as standard, you can add the options of your choice as the budget allows. In the meantime, you’re camping in the comfort of a hard-shell camper in the most offroad destinations.


The Exodus 11 steps up the comforts to the next level, aimed at discerning campers who don’t see why they should forgo any conveniences while exploring the great outdoors.

The standard package will indeed provide you with a very well-equipped home away from home, comprising hot water and an ensuite, an internal cabin heater, huge amounts of storage plus internal bench space with sink and an external kitchen — both beautifully finished and ergonomically designed for ease of use. With a dinette inside and a queen-size innerspring mattress, you’ve everything you need to retreat indoors in foul weather.

The Exodus 11 carries a healthy power supply with twin 105Ah deep-cycle batteries, the latest Redarc BMS system combining a 30A 240Vcharger and 30A DC-DC 12V battery charge booster. A 2000W pure sine inverter keeps your gadgets going, while twin 150W solar panels soak up the rays on the roof of the camper.


The ultimate in offroad camping comfort, the Exodus 14 offers all the luxuries and more of the smaller model, plus added space for the family via bunk beds or the alternative option of a full internal bathroom — the choice is yours.

It offers a well-equipped external kitchen, beautifully finished in an extremely functional setup with heaps of bench and storage space, and also features a large internal bench, with sink plus hot water on tap inside and out. An 82L external fridge sits on its own slide and falls easily to hand, while the space is well shaded by the easy roll out awning.

The Exodus 14 comes with two 105Ah deep-cycle batteries, the latest Redarc BMS system combining a 30A 240V charger and 30A DC-DC 12V battery charge booster, and twin 150W roof-mounted solar panels. It has a huge 130L water tank plus two jerries.

Very capable offroad despite its size, thanks to the Exodus’ single mould fibreglass construction and 2500kg independent trailing arm suspension, the Exodus 14 is the ultimate base camp.


The new kid on the Exodus block, the Exodus 16 offers all the comforts and hardware of the Exodus 14, but with greater flexibility when it comes to the internal layout, making it perfect for families and those requiring more space.

With the additional 2ft to play with, the Exodus 16 has a four-seater dining table that is not compromised by the addition of bunks or a full internal bathroom. Of course, if you decide against the internal bathroom you’ll still get the external ensuite as standard, which encloses the area under the rear ‘pod’ door providing a functional two-room, wet and dry ensuite tent. A Webasto diesel hot water service feeds the shower and both the internal and external kitchens, while the corresponding cabin heater provides a toasty retreat for wintertime camping. 


While Complete Campsite has long been famous for its market-leading softfloor camper trailers, in the last couple of years, it has extended its range to include a high-end hardfloor camper, available in two different spec levels. The Fraser is the premium offering at $55,950, while the Byron offers a few less goodies at $48,950.

Very easy to set-up even for one person, both models fold on gas struts and the adjustable legs cater to less than ideal terrain. The models have a cathedral roof and heaps of large windows for ventilation, with a thermal blanket for insulation. There’s more internal storage than you’re likely to fill, and enough floor space to accommodate bunk beds and a camping table with ease.

Like on all Complete Campsite campers, the kitchen is a foodie’s dream; beautifully finished and with heaps of bench and storage space, plus ample power supply and lighting throughout. And, of course, it’s fully offroad with a strong SuperGal chassis, independent suspension, excellent ground clearance and a front end protected by rubberised Rhino Lining.


It’s fair to say, few brands build a softfloor camper trailer quite as well as Complete Campsite. With a bulletproof offroad construction and the tidiest canvas in the business, the brand’s softfloors are finished beautifully and can be optioned to a supreme level of comfort. There are three spec levels, from the Jabiru at $28,950 through to the Kakadu at $48,950. All three are fully offroad capable, with a walk-through layout to access the queen innerspring mattress, each with functional kitchens and ample storage, power and lighting.

The Kakadu offers an exceptional level of camping comfort, with a Webasto diesel hot water service, an internal space heater, an ensuite and shower, marine-carpeted storage drawers throughout, twin 105Ah deep-cycle batteries and the latest Redarc BMS system — with 30A 240V charger and 30A DC-DC 12V battery charge booster — plus a portable 120W solar panel and 400W inverter. It rides on independent suspension with a strong SuperGal chassis and 12in electric brakes. All of this amounts to a market-leading premium softfloor camper trailer that will follow your 4WD anywhere and let you stay there in utmost comfort.

Check out the full feature in issue #89 June 2015 of Camper Trailer Australia magazine. 


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