Ryco Fuel-Water Separator Kits

CTA Editorial — 23 July 2018

Ryco Fuel-Water separator kits are ready to undertake the effective and preventative maintenance role in hard working 4WDs and trucks. Fuel water separators are an important preventative measure for the protection of fuel injectors, especially common rail systems, which are incredibly efficient but intolerant to water and contaminants. They are designed to reduce the impact of water that has entered the fuel supply via seepage in storage tanks or condensation build up, while at the same time providing additional ‘pre-fuel’ filter protection for the standard fuel filter in diesel delivery systems.

Suitable for diesel and bio fuels up to B20, the extended range of fuel water separator kits includes application specific data and each comes complete with all the components required to install; including nominal 10 micron filter with 99 per cent efficiency, filter head, drain bowl, application specific bracket, fuel hose and fittings, connectors, clamps, nuts, washers and thread seal. Popular kit applications include: Ford Ranger, Nissan Navara, various Toyota Hilux and more.


RRP: $169.99

Where: Ryco stockists

More info: www.rycofilters.com.au



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