Gear test: RAAW tent pole conversion kit

CTA Editorial — 25 May 2018

Tent poles are lightweight and extremely useful — obviously. Without them you’d end up stumbling through the bush wailing like Casper the Friendly Ghost in camo, or sleeping in the car. That being said, they’re also cumbersome blighters — long and rigid with a tendency to all look the same. It’s also crucial to have them all, because if even one goes astray, well….swear words cometh.

That’s why the RAAW conversion kit for centre poles and slides is such a simple genius of a product. Its clear a lot of thought has gone into devising the most convenient set-up. Not only does it improve the canvas spreading potential of your existing poles, it enables you to custom adjust other poles as you see fit.

Using it, you’re able to easily adjust and convert to whatever outcome you require. Irritating sag in your roof? No problem, simply custom modify your existing arrangement using the RAAW conversion kit and your roof will be as taught as a drum in no time.


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