Waeco CFX-95DZ2: Gear Test

Michael Borg — 1 June 2017

For the past year I’ve tried to break the CFX-95DZ2 (Dual Zone). Okay, so I haven’t gone above and beyond to destroy it, but I have given it a fair workout. So where’s it been? Well, there's was that two-month Simpson trip plus a bucket load of adventures, strapped to a million different camper trailers, and on the back of my ute. So, what broke? Absolutely bloody nothing! There are a few bumps and bruises but it still runs like clockwork! So on that front it gets a big tick.

The dimensions come in at 957x472x530mm (WxHxD) with handles and a huge 94.5L capacity (50L and 45.5L), so there is ample space. The individually-controlled compartments can run as a freezer or fridge. It won’t fit all fridge slides though. At 32kg it’s no featherweight, and that’s before you chuck a slab of beer and half a cow in there – you’d have to be the Terminator to move it loaded. That weight can play absolute havoc on fridge-slides too; my cheap online special unit collapsed half way down the Birdsville Track! 

Consumption wise, it’s quite impressive for its capacity. It averaged around 2 to 2.5 amps per hour with both compartments set at 2°C, while ambient temperatures ranged from 20-30°C. It’s a pretty advanced too, with USB ports, lights and a lid-open alarm. It’s even Wi-Fi enabled! The handles also feel sturdy despite being spring-loaded and the lids detach.

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