Gear Test: Fusion StereoActive

Stuart Jones — 19 June 2017

This Fusion StereoActive a brilliant piece of kit. With my trailer being on the small size, there isn’t the space for a traditional stereo setup. I was looking for something robust, weatherproof and compact that would play Bluetooth and the radio. StereoActive matched my requirements well.

Being wireless and weighing only 1.3kg with a 10m Bluetooth range, the radio can be moved anywhere in camp. I moved it to a table closer to the fire to see how it went in the rain and it had no issues at all, so it is perfect for those nights when you’ve had a couple too many and leave it out in the weather.

A feature of the StereoActive is its ‘puck’ mounting system. I have mounted the puck on to my small food preparation area. I know where the radio is and it can’t be knocked off accidently. The puck can be secured by either screws or supplied two-sided tape. If you’re a fisherman and have a kayak or a stand-up paddleboard, I’d look at ordering a second puck so you can take your tunes with you (don’t worry, it floats).

The lithium battery life is a claimed 20 hours, it didn’t get to 20 hours on our test weekend, but it was at least 12 (sorry, beer fog test. I can’t remember exactly when things went all quiet). It’s a very easy unit to use. In addition to playing your tunes on your phone via Bluetooth, it picks up both AM and FM via its internal aerial. To select the station, the tuner scans through and tells you in a Siri kind-of-way what station you are on. 

So how powerful an aerial it is? I’ll have to wait till the next trip to the high country. Where I was this trip in amongst the Murray River red gums at Barmah National Park, I had no issues picking up the local stations or the ABC. To charge you remove the end cap, is a light to show you are on charge and a USB output if to charge your phone. Charging is via a standard 240V input but there is also a 12V car adaptor as an option. I’ll be tracking one of these down. Not having an inverter and in this iPhone world of ours, it would have been easier to plug it into one of the many USB or 12 volt outlets at camp.


This is ideal for the outdoors person. If you just want something quality that can withstand getting knocked around as you go about camp, then this is it. If you're a fisherman, on your boat, kayak, a stand-up paddleboard, I reckon you need another puck and secure it while on the water and away you go.

RRP: $399.95; 12V charger $39.95


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