Road Test: Companion Wireless Fridge Thermometer

Claudia and Chris Bouma — 20 March 2017

Travelling and good food undoubtedly go together. A great trip is made up of experiencing sensational destinations in combination with eating delicious camping meals. Who said you have to live on tins of baked beans and toast? Those days are long gone with fantastic cooking equipment such as the Weber. Now you can go camping in style and still enjoy a roast lamb, steak cooked to perfection and desserts galore.

Fresh ingredients are essential for a nutritious meal as any chef will tell you. The trick is to keep your food at the right temperature so veggies remain fresh and meat doesn’t go off. 

In our 2002 Jayco Outback Flamingo we have the luxury of a 90L fridge with a small freezer compartment as well. As we’ve set up the rig for extended bush camping, we rely on gas to run the fridge. The fridge runs most efficiently on gas – as opposed to electricity - but there’s no way of telling the inside temperature. Chris figured a wireless fridge thermometer was the way to go, so off I went and looked around online to see what was available.

To my surprise, I could track down only one type of thermometer that will work in every fridge, though it’s being made by different companies. The Companion wireless fridge thermometer is a handy little gadget which not only displays the fridge temperature but also shows the ambient temperature, along with the time.

The black with green outline temperature station comes with a stand so you can place it on a bench where you can check the fridge temperature with one quick glance at the LCD read-out. Alternatively, you can use the hanging hole to mount it on the wall. The temperature station operates on three AAA batteries, which are included.

The square remote control sensor has Velcro on the back so you can mount it inside your fridge. There’s no need for connecting wires and the impressive 25m range is more than enough for use inside a van or camper trailer fridge. The sensor operates on two AA batteries, supplied with the thermometer.


Having trialled it in our fridge, we’ve been rather impressed with this nifty piece of equipment. The remote control sensor transmits a signal every three minutes which makes for a very accurate reading. It means we’ll pick up a rise in temperature, indicating an empty gas cylinder, which is great peace of mind.       

Of course, when you’re not on the road, you can use it at home in your fridge or you can use it as a normal thermometer. You simply mount the sender on an outside north-facing wall, outside of direct sunlight and place the temperature station in a convenient spot.

For just under $40, this wireless fridge thermometer has been a great addition to our camping equipment - one I’d recommend to anyone.


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