Hard Korr Overlander GT Review

John Willis — 10 October 2018

Compact camper trailers have taken modern adventuring to new levels in recent times, with Hard Korr offroad explorers reaping the benefits of small, light trailers with amazing facilities and the ability to go anywhere. The Hard Korr Overlander GT is an exciting new offering in the compact camper market and a serious contender for your next extended journey.

The Overlander GT is a tough little nugget with a serious attitude that has the ability to carry an amazing payload, as well as provide a comfortable campsite with sensible accessories. It combines an array of both new and time proven ideas with the ability to please a couple, family or perhaps even a lone traveller.


I was most impressed on my first viewing of the Overlander GT, with its sharp black and white coatings, appealing decals and laser-cut branding, plus its tough and obviously very capable offroad design and construction.

The Overlander lived true to its name, tracking beautifully down the road with a real air of solid confidence. It has a very strong hot dip galvanised steel 150mm x 50mm x 3mm drawbar and chassis rails leading to a polyblock offroad coupling out in front.

The compact dimensions of the unit make it ideal for true offroad adventure, with its total length of only 4150mm being some 1.5-2 metres shorter than most popular forward and rear fold alternatives.

Its weights and measures stack up as a real bushranger. With an overall width of only 1830mm (6’ in the old language) she tows in the tracks of all popular mid to large 4x4s, yet its relatively low 1150kg Tare may well present a suitable proposition for many smaller RV and even commuter vehicles.


The ATM of this Hard Korr camper trailer is a whopping 1800kg, allowing excellent carrying capacity, and it's going to need it with the incredible amount of storage available in compartments, drawers, pantry and 1000mm (l) x 607mm (w) x 577m (h) fridge space.In fact, Hard Korr quote a massive 3300L of usable storage throughout the Overlander GT.

Add to this 200L of water in two stainless steel water tanks complete with checkerplate shrouds and this little chuckwagon could cater for the whole platoon!

If I thought it towed beautifully when empty just imagine the sure-footedness once the water tanks are full, further reducing the centre of gravity with the weight down low. She rides on very strong independent trailing arm suspension with dual shocks and coil springs either side and has a very high 500mm ground clearance to walk over harsh terrain. It spreads any load easily on 235/75/15 MT tyres with attractive black studded steel mag wheels and stops well with 10” electric brakes.


Out in front are all the usual electrical and Anderson plug connections and it’s nice to see the versatile and strong ARK jockey wheel adding strength and sensibility. Behind that is a full width stoneguard with replaceable mesh. The main body of the tub is treated to a three part process: zinc, etch primer and then two coats of 2-pack enamel coating with a large lockable and dustproof tool box plus 1x 20L jerry can, 1x 20L water, 1x 9kg gas bottle out in front. The container is large enough for generator or Weber BBQ.

In the back is a swing away spare wheel mount exposing the fridge compartment, large recessed LED tail-lights, plus a slide in hitch attachment for bike racks and similar items, and twin rated recovery points on an integrated chassis/rear step. Incidentally, Hard Korr quotes 27 degree departure angle and 125 degree ramp over angle, adding to the bushability.


We started our Hard Korr Overlander review in a very sedate manner, assembling the complete unit on a manicured lawn on a waterside campsite with mangrove backdrop, right next to a pub! We took longer choosing the site than it took to erect the camper for a basic overnighter, with the Darche 270 degree wrap-around awning providing plenty of shade to the 'living' or kerb side, and rear of the trailer. The extensive kitchen and a huge amount of pantry and general storage and the massive portable fridge slide at rear are all undercover of the awning.

The kitchen is a ripper with its stainless steel two burner gas cooktop and sink with hot/cold mixer extending on very stable parallel slides. This same unit has a fold-over benchtop plus utensils drawer and behind is the main electronics control panel complete with: 12V power, multiple cig points, dual USB ports, LED lights, Korr solar controller and BMS for the single 105 amp AGM battery fitted as standard, with space for a second.

Many will want added power and there is plenty of room for batteries as options. However I would be satisfied with the standard fit in all but extended stays in tropical heat where the fridge would take a beating!

In a central compartment next to the kitchen we find a very large amount of sliding pantry storage in two long drawers. These easy glide slide-outs have benches, room for pots and pans and plenty of food. Up front is yet another huge multi-level storage compartment and all hatches have high quality seals and compression locks to keep the dust out. The roadside of the Overlander GT has a plethora of convenient storage opportunities in fixed compartments and sliding trays all enclosed by three more well sealed doors.


The soft floor tent folds out on the driver’s side, quickly and easily complete with its safari roof for insulation. The camper trailer tent is made from a high grade 420gsm heavy duty rip stop canvas with midgie screen protection plus an array of awnings. Some may say the canvas may be a little light but I totally disagree and it makes for very easy erection with great protection (hmmm, that could be a slogan! LOL).

The rooftop tent has a queen size innerspring mattress and a ripper telescopic ladder to get you to bed. The soft floor tent has a 3m x 2.2m floor area and plenty of head room (2400mm), large enough for some seats, a table or bunks. For a longer stay the Overlander GT package comes complete with a large detachable kid’s or storage room, plus an ensuite – completing a very large living footprint for such a compact 'chuckwagon'.

Hard Korr quote about a 15 minute setup time and whilst that is probably true for an overnighter with the Darche 270 degree awning and fold over soft floor tent the add-ons obviously take longer. I really liked the light and cheery tent with its array of large windows all with inner and outer awnings and big sewn in PVC floor. It is up to you whether a rooftop style tent is your thing. It won’t suit those with diminished mobility yet younger more active campers will love it.

When the setup display was finished we had the Overlander GT packed up in a jiffy and it was nice that the tent fitted easily back into its PVC casing with room to spare so there was no difficulty with tight zips and seals. Those that have experienced it will know exactly what I mean!


It didn't take long for my confident expectations to be confirmed with the functional yet compact trailer showing off its nimble abilities in the rough. This tough little nugget took every rock, crevice, crack and crater in its stride and its compact dimensions made close quarters manoeuvrability an absolute breeze.

Mark the name Hard Korr Overlander GT down in your bucket list. This is an exciting camper trailer with a big future at a realistic price, plus the bonus of a long five year structural warranty. Don't be surprised if next time you venture out to Australia's deserts or High Country waterholes, someone with an Overlander GT has beaten you there! They certainly are Hard Korr.



Tare 1150kg

ATM 1800kg standard can be upgraded to 2000kg

Suspension Independent trailing arm with twin shocks and coil springs each side

Brakes 10”

Coupling Polyblock

Chassis 150 x 50 x 3mm galvanised

Drawbar 150 x 50 x 3mm galvanised

Body Zinc coated steel, etch primed then 2 coats of 2-pack enamel paint

Wheel/tyre 235/75/15 MT tyres with black studded steel mag wheels

Style Black studded steel mag


Box size 2200 x 1800mm plus tool box 580mm D x 750mm W x 720mm H

Length 4150mm (hitch to spare wheel)

Tent size 6800 x 2200mm fully set up if needed


Gas cylinders 1 x 9kg

Water 200L in two tanks

Cooktop Two burner gas

Kitchen Two burner gas stainless steel cooktop, sink with mixer, fold-over benchtop, utensils drawer, large multi-drawer sliding pantry with extendable bench

Battery 1 x 105 amp AGM




Address: 25 Old Pacific Hwy, Yatala QLD 4207

Email: tony@hardkorrcampers.com.au

Phone: (07) 3801 8332

Web: www.hardkorrcampers.com.au/


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