2018 CTOTY: Mountain Trail CXV 3.7 Hybrid

Emma Ryan, Dan Everett, David Cook, John ' Bear' Willis — 19 February 2018


It's the only camper to get a perfect score from judge Emma Ryan this year and this baby deserves every point. From its stylish lines and sleek aesthetic, to its state-of-the-art manufacturing and exceptional focus on quality, to its supreme level of comfort with no detail spared — this is Mountain Trail in its element. In our books, it's pretty much the perfect camper. It's incredibly self-sufficient, user friendly, very capable offroad and has X-factor by the truck load. Love it.


Dan Everett

It’s become painfully clear that there have been two very different aspects to an offroad camper trailer over the last few years. There’s talking the talk, and walking the walk. Some companies excel at the first, while falling apart at the second. They could learn a thing or two from Mountain Trail.

While its range and design language might be more akin to a high-end apartment overlooking the Swiss Alps, climb underneath and it becomes abundantly clear Mountain Trail can walk the walk. Like most capable and well-built campers, the CXV 3.7 starts with a solid foundation. A 5490mm overall length, with a reasonable 1680kg Tare weight have the offroad fundamentals sorted. The team has kept the weight so low through high-tech composite fibreglass panels on the roof and walls. They don’t require an internal frame, and act as insulation to keep cooler in the heat, and warmer in the cold. The body has been designed to give a full 90-degree turning angle, making it easy to steer through tight, winding tracks. The material list was carefully pieced together to ensure nothing in its construction can rust, rot, or corrode. And with a positive pressure system, it also stays dust-free for the long haul.

Underneath, the CXV 3.7 sits on Mountain Trail's in-house built chassis. It’s hot-dipped galvanised and left raw to avoid stone chips in paint, then held in place with its own independent suspension system. Stud patterns can be optioned to suit your tow-tug, and the spindles are replaceable if you bend one. The stand-out feature for me was Mountain Trail’s E-Rok system, an integrated rock slider that braces the lower edge of the van ensuring no stray rocks can get inside. In fact, the only criticism I can find punting the Mountain Trail unit is it’s just too… nice.


David Cook

What can you possibly say about the CXV without sounding like you’re gushing? In developing this camper Mountain Trail has been very smart, making use of the great kitchen, the chassis and front storage box from its CTOTY award-winning EDX hardfloor camper, so the team knew those components were at the top of the game, and that left them free to focus on coming up with a highly tuned, very liveable smaller version of its larger LXV which debuted in April 2017.

This camper has it all in a smaller package that would be much more convenient to tow around than an AOR Quantum or an Exodus 16. It would just come down to your personal choice over interior room and a few other features. As a full height van – at 2380mm – it is 410mm higher than a 200 Series LandCruiser so will add to aerodynamic inefficiency and present some potential clearance issues with low-hanging branches.

The full pillowtop queen innerspring bed overlooks the exterior through windows that are high enough to enable you to lie in bed and look out without anyone outside being able to see you. The four huge partitioned drawers under the foot of the bed provide a heap of clothing storage, and the large comfortable lounge – with its swivel table – across the front end of the camper faces the bed and makes the interior look lush. Diesel space heating, reverse cycle air-conditioning and plenty of lights make this a very pleasant place to retreat to in any weather to really enjoy the comfortable life.

But camper trailers are about the outdoors, and there you get that fantastic drop-down hard floored shower pod on the back. It comes with a full-width mirror to go with the supplied porta-potti that travels in its own sealed external storage bay. Under the electronic roll-out awning is that great kitchen inherited from the EDX, with two easy slide-in extensions providing added cover for the ensuite and camper entry. The price includes the 95L Waeco CFX fridge, sitting tucked in behind an additional pantry storage box.

The only let-down is the need to remove everything from the cooktop and kitchen top to open the huge pantry above.

The optional stainless steel wood rack on the front has as much engineering in it as many whole camper trailers of the past.

This is a camper with a lot to like.


Emma Ryan

Call me antisocial, but my idea of the perfect camping trip involves seeing as few other people as possible, for as long as possible. Give me a camper that is totally self-sufficient, and I’m a happy lady indeed. And the simple fact is camper trailers don’t come much more self-sufficient than the Mountain Trail CXV.

With a combined fresh water capacity of 210L across two food-grade plastic water tanks and the option to draw from an external water source like a creek, your water needs are covered. The CXV has dual 100Ah lithium batteries charged by a 30A Redarc BMS for AC, DC and solar. The latter comes in the form of twin 180W roof-mounted solar panels to keep it all topped up, while a 2000W inverter runs your 240V appliances and can even run the CXV’s air-conditioner while you’re off the grid. It won’t be icy cold (unless connected to 240V or a generator, of course) but it certainly provides fabulous welcome relief in the summer heat and it sure impressed we judges at CTOTY.

There are USB, 12V and 240V power outlets everywhere you need them, and no shortage of pleasant ambient lighting both internally, externally and in cabinets. The 95L external fridge has plenty of room for perishables (and beer, of course), while the CXV’s huge pantry compartment and generally impressive storage configuration throughout allows secure stowage for all the food, clothes and gear you need for comfortable camping off the grid. 


John ‘Bear’ Willis

If you have an eye for premium quality, wanderlust for offroad adventure, a thirst for comfort and an appreciation of fine design then stop and take a long look at the beautiful new Mountain Trail CXV offroad hybrid camper. This CXV is a superb piece of manufacturing in anyone’s language, enhanced by the internal appeal of a luxury apartment. But make no mistake; this is a rugged performer with the credentials to take on the toughest and come out looking for more.

Albury-based Mountain Trail Campers has been a constant performer at the CTOTY competition taking line honours at last year’s event for its EDX hard floor with 10/10 returns in three categories, and then backed it up with being awarded for Excellence in Small Business at the NSW Regional Business Awards for the Murray-Riverina region.

This proud Aussie manufacturer has searched the world for new products and technologies to combine in the CXV including industry-leading computerised design, premium manufacturing process and high quality materials including a German manufactured fibreglass composite shell that has tremendous appeal through strength, insulation and aesthetics. It combines a terrific array of appealing features into one compact and reasonably lightweight shell that is easily towed to the most remote locations plus has the chassis, suspension and body strength to go the hard yards on our long, dusty corrugated outback roads.

This is the camper that takes on the toughest and comes back as fresh as a daisy – and so will its travelling companions. It is a premium camper that others will aspire to, and is probably best suited to a couple taking on the extended sojourn of a lifetime. Combine all of this with its compact dimensions, comfortable appeal, sensible facilities and accessories, inclusive packaging, voluptuous storage and total ease of use, the beautiful new Mountain Trail CXV gets another perfect score for X-factor for offroad Australian campers.  



Tare 1720kg

ATM 2500kg

Ball weight 160kg

Suspension Mountain Trail’s independent coil suspension with interchangeable stub axles and offroad dual shock absorbers

Brakes 12in electric offroad brakes

Coupling 3500kg offroad tow hitch with hand brake

Chassis Heavy duty structural hot-dipped galvanised chassis

Drawbar Hot-dipped galvanised

Body German manufactured composite fibreglass insulated roof and wall panels and vinyl pop-top roof sides with mesh windows

Wheel/tyre 17inx8in six-stud alloy wheels with all-terrain tyres (265/70 R17)


Box width Overall Width is 1970mm

Overall Height 2420mm

Length Overall length is 5250mm

Tent size Internal Body Length is 3700mm (12 ft)


Water  125L + 85L food grade plastic water tanks

Cooktop Three-burner gas stove

Kitchen Slide-out stainless steel kitchen and bench with sink and slide-out Waeco 95L fridge (CFX-95) and large pantry 

Battery 2x105A AGM batteries with 30A Redarc Battery Management System (AC/DC/Solar)


$91,290 Base Price $84,950

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