2016 CTOTY: Track Trailer Topaz Savannah

Micheal ‘Borgy’ Borg — 16 February 2016

I’m going to come right out and say it; the Track Trailer Topaz Savannah is one of my all-time favourite camper trailers to date. Why? Well, despite being jam-packed with a bucket load of luxury conveniences, it’s still designed with real campers in mind. It encourages you to be outdoors soaking up every last drop of a true Aussie camping experience, yet it still has everything you need for an extremely comfortable stay if things, such as the weather, go downhill! If that’s not enough, it’s built to go the distance using ingenious technology. So let’s look at what makes this camper tick.


Not only does the Topaz Savannah look like a million bucks, it’s also designed to be 100 per cent practical. In fact, it’s safe to say that any sacrifices that have been made style-wise are because Track Trailer puts practicality at the top of its agenda. What do I mean by that? Well, let’s start with the main entrance door – it’s a full-size door! Yep that’s right, there’s no bumping your head like most other pop-top campers.

The trade-off is the camper is fairly tall overall. Another example is the internal kitchen benches which are also standard height, so there’s no crouching over to cut up the damper! You’ll also find the standard gas cooktop and grill are complemented with a permanently fixed rangehood and a good size upright fridge/freezer. Plus, to cater for those who like outdoor cooking, there’s also a stainless steel barbecue mounted on a slide on the outside which, as you might have guessed, comes in extremely handy.


Like I said at the start of this article, the Topaz Savannah is built to be not only a capable unit but a comfortable one, too. Feature wise, it’s got everything you’d expect and then some. In fact, there are simply too many to list, but let’s have a crack anyway, eh? At the top of the list is the skylight window above the bed for uninterrupted stargazing at night.

There are even two hat savers mounted to the roof, which are one of those things you can’t live without once you’ve had one. The portable toilet is mounted on a slide which, get this, is accessible from inside and the outside of the camper, for when it’s time to empty the cassette.

Electricals are plentiful too, with two 105Ah deep-cycle AGM batteries, complete with a full battery monitoring system and a 25A multi-stage charger. Our test model was fitted with two polycrystalline solar panels mounted to the roof, and all Narva electrical accessories and fittings. 

There’s LED lighting everywhere, and a very nice touch is the main internal LED roof light that’s encased in a diffused lamp box for a softer ambient light at night. Clever indeed!

There’s also a 240V battery charger system, and if you like to listen to tunes around camp you’ll love the full Fusion audio system, which is marine grade and capable of playing music straight from a CD, your iPod or radio.

You’ll also find that all the electrical displays or switches are bunched together in one easy to reach and very convenient location.


At the end of the day, this is a camper that’s designed to be super comfortable, yet still a camping trailer. After taking a close look at what the Topaz Savannah has to offer, I reckon Track Trailer has really hit the nail on the head. Sure, it’s a bit agricultural looking, but anyone with half a brain can work out that it’s built for a purpose not just to look pretty!

It really is a great combination of comfort, practicality and bush-ability.

So if you’re not one to compromise on comfort, but still want the true-blue camping and touring lifestyle experience, this camper really is worth a closer look.



  • Full-sized door and standard bench heights are convenient
  • Suspension works very well
  • Plenty of space inside, with extremely comfortable custom-made lounge cushions
  • Very high quality overall construction


  • Very tall camper can be troublesome for low hanging branches, and effects fuel economy.
  • Only really suitable as a two-person tourer and not for families with kids.

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