Complete Campsite Kakadu: Review

Michael Borg — 18 December 2015

Well, if there’s one camper trailer manufacturer out there whose name really does say it all, it’s got to be Complete Campsite – these things really are the real deal. It’s a brand with a reputation for excellence and, after taking a closer look at its top-of-the-line softfloor Kakadu, it’s easy to see why.

The factory’s facilities are second-to-none, the crew that puts the campers together is highly skilled and always keeps practicality front of mind. In fact, instead of just selling you any old trailer, these guys consider your needs and your budget, and then build the trailer that’ll work best for you. If you want to take a motorbike or quad bike – bingo, they’ve got it covered. You want to take the boat, fishing gear or push bikes? You’ll find they can make that work, too.

So with that in mind, let’s take a closer look at what years of evolution have delivered with the Kakadu softfloor.


I am going to come right out and say it – this would have to be one of the easiest softfloor camper trailers on the market to set up. You can imagine how many softfloors I’ve set up over the years, but this one really does take the cake. Why? Well it’s a combination of things really, but we’ll start with the tent’s size. Measuring 3.9x2.8m in total, there’s plenty of room for everyone.

The floor is quite manageable when it comes to the handling side of things. But to go a step further, they’ve taken the major work out of setting up and packing down with the use of a well-designed strut system. Two people can pack this puppy up effortlessly but, if you’re by yourself, it’s still a reasonably easy thing to operate on your own – how many softfloor campers can honestly claim that, and back it up? For a quick overnight stop, it took me about six minutes to get things sorted, which is not bad for my first crack. Add on another 10-15 minutes to bung up the awning and a wall or two for the annexe if you’re staying put.

You’ll find the awning stays attached to the tent pretty much permanently to make things easier, but to help you flip back over the tent’s roof at pack down time, the main centre pole has some extra length to it, allowing you to flip it over quite quickly and easily.


The first thing you’ll notice is the Kakadu has a nifty set of sturdy stairs. They lead up into a small area/walkway in front of the bed, the idea being it takes the hard work out of crawling into bed, and entering from the bottom end means you don’t have to crawl all over your partner to do it! It also allows for a much roomier tent than most, and there’s even a chest of drawers under the bed for your clothes. Another handy addition is the fully zipped canvas bed cover, which means your full queen-sized innerspring mattress and bedding will stay dry if you have to pack everything up in the wet – and, boy, is it comfortable!


Camp cooking is getting pretty fancy these days, and the Kakadu’s kitchen definitely fits the bill. It’s a slide-out job, with a full stainless steel construction. Utilising the proven and ever-popular three-burner stainless steel Smev gas stove with auto ignition function, along with the stainless steel drop-in Smev sink, it’s better than most kitchens in a full-on house!

The slide-out stainless steel bench is a beauty and offers just the right amount of bench space to carve up a leg of lamb while you’re boiling the kettle. Behind the fridge are two good-sized pull-out drawers, and there’s also a full slide-out pantry above the kitchen. There’s a truck load of storage, and it’s damn easy to use!


I’m not going to lie, my first impression of the Kakadu was that it looked too pretty to be a full offroad camper – but, boy, was I wrong! Complete Campsite built this thing tough, and more importantly, they’ve used common sense. Everything is enclosed or built-in, keeping important accessories extremely well-protected from the tracks. You won’t find a wire out of place or a low hanging snag underneath, and the Cruisemaster full independent suspension works really well. We hit plenty of bumps and potholes on our trip, and it was impressive to watch it work as well as it does.


After throwing absolutely everything at the Kakadu, I can honestly say this is one tough, well thought-out camper. It’s got all the features we know and love, and they’re delivered in a way that’s just simple and practical to use.

As far as the build quality goes, it’s the duck’s nuts in so many ways! It’s finished off extremely well and, in my opinion, you’d be hard pressed to find a more versatile, well-built and comfortable softfloor camper anywhere in the country. I guess that’s why they call it Complete Campsite, eh?

To sum this up, it’s truly is built to go anywhere you need to tow it, and provide a super comfortable stay while you’re there.



  • Plenty of organised storage
  • Very sold construction
  • Very versatile


  • Front storage box access is impractical
  • Jockey wheel design allows mud to clog up
  • Average ground clearance

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