2015 CTOTY: Trayon 1830 Diesel Deluxe

Camper Trailer Australia — 29 January 2015
Camper Review

The Trayon 1830 Diesel Deluxe is a camper aimed at tourers who want options or, as Trayon calls it, “retreatability”. That is, whatever you are doing outside you can also do inside in comfort, should the weather conditions turn.

Design & Construction

Weight is an area in which the Trayon excels. At 425kg dry, as reviewed, Trayon was so confident in the weight of its camper that the team stopped in at a public weighbridge on the way to Broken Hill and produced a print out of the results to the CTOTY judges.

The vehicle weighed in at 2.94 tonnes fully-loaded, well under the 3.2-tonne GVM for an unmodified, showroom-floor, Super-cab Ford Ranger. The weight distribution is well thought-out, with most of the weight in the forward third of the unit, sitting in front of the rear axle where you need it to be.


Moving inside, it genuinely sleeps three people with a queen size bed for mum and dad, and the internal dinette/table folding down to make a single bed.

There is good bench space, a sink inside and the cooking is done on a two-burner Lido, which can be detached should you wish to head outside to fire it up as a barbecue. The dinette is not huge, but it’s comfortable enough for a couple. Storage abounds in drawers, cupboards or under the seats inside.

The fridge is a 100L Nova Kool upright, placed by the lockable entrance, allowing you to have a beer at arm’s length, whether inside or out. The downside to this is the unintentional letting in of flies/bugs every time you need a frothy.

Comfort-wise, this doesn’t have the sizzle of others at first glance, but when you get down to tin tacks, it doesn’t want for much and it punches on with others in the category easily. A Webasto hot water system provides hot water and internal heating, and there’s room for your Porta Potti. The shower is at the rear of the camper and for some privacy, a pop-up shower tent does the job.


As a tough unit that you can take anywhere, the Trayon is excellent — as it quickly proved on the 4WD course and in the dust and wind storm we experienced, which had a few camper trailer manufacturers grabbing at awnings and checking all was lashed down. Through all this, the Trayon sat it out comfortably on its legs without batting an eyelid.

There is lots of electricity, water and comforts in a lightweight package, and two rear underfloor drawers are handy for carrying all those little items that can make a trip comfortable. The canvas work looks good and five large windows capture the breeze from any direction. The three-minute set-up is good, and six minutes to detach is also good.

With 390kg standard and 425kg Tare as seen, this was the lightest under review and avoids the time and cost of a GVM upgrade.

The 10 year warranty is the best of any camper under review and I’d think the best anywhere in the nation. On name alone these should have good resale value and at $39,000, as reviewed, you get a lot for your money. There’s nothing “swoopy” or exotic about the Trayon, it’s all about functionality and this it has in spades — a great package.

Check out the full review in issue #85 February 2015 of Camper Trailer Australia magazine. 


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