2015 CTOTY: Patriot TH560

Camper Trailer Australia — 27 January 2015

The TH560 (TH for “toy hauler” and 560 for its length) is a big rig in anyone’s eyes, but it has been built to withstand all the rigours a 4WD trip can throw at it. 

Design & Construction

Designed and manufactured to the standard we have quickly come to love and admire from Patriot Campers, the chassis is precision laser-cut and hot-dipped galvanised, and is built to handle the toughest situation, with three rock-slider ribs at the rear of the chassis to help drag the lengthy trailer through any washout.

The dual-axle independent suspension has four gutsy trailing arms and a full airbag set-up to lift and lower the load, with dual shocks on each corner. This system can be operated in manual mode for unloading/loading or for levelling out the camper on uneven ground. The onboard air-compressor system can also be used to pump the tyres.

The 3.0x2.4m deck has the capacity to carry either a full side-by-side ATV, two ATVs, two jet skis, or five dirt bikes. 


Up front, to keep the camping comfortable, there is a fully integrated Patriot X1 camper complete with an excellent two-person James Baroud rooftop tent, a comprehensive kitchen and a hot water shower. There’s a huge amount of storage room, specially incorporated to carry bulky items like bike-riding gear bags and boots.

There’s a fantastic gullwing box up front, which holds two jerry cans, a generator and chainsaw. LED lighting is built into every compartment, all internal boxes are carpeted and there’s a wrap-around awning to help add to your protected living and partying area.


The Patriot TH560 is kind of like the Batmobile — easily configured to suit anyone’s toy addiction. It’s a real head-turner and with the option for a 120L fuel tank with pump for your toys, this one will win plenty of friends. It has a quality finish and the build is tough as old boots. It’s long and heavy once fully loaded, but one shouldn’t get too hung up on this as its intended purpose is as a toy hauler base station. However, it will get you far more places than you’d expect and you should be able to drag this anywhere your truck can go.

The James Baroud pop-top is an easy-to-use, quality unit and the shade shelter by Supa-Peg gives you plenty of room to operate. This never pretends to be something it’s not. It’s functional, but doesn’t come with a cooktop; instead a butane burner is thrown in for those times when a fire won’t do. You can be in bed in 30 seconds and there is masses of storage.

Those considering this won’t have an issue with value for money. It is well-built and comes with a long warranty, and my bet is that over time it will be an investment like few others. The real cost is in the toys to whack on the rear and the truck you’ll need to deal with the higher ball weight!

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Patriot TH560

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