Kimberley Kamper Classic: Review

Michael Browning — 15 December 2014

The Kimberley Kamper Classic was first introduced in 2005, but was later replaced by the $36,990 “RV” Kamper, which had a unique fibreglass front storage box.

However, as part of Kimberley’s move to remain cost-competitive by standardising components across its four-model camper range — and because the RV couldn’t be adapted to accommodate the “Delta Body Front Storage Box” front boot module employed on other camper models — the Classic was reintroduced as the RV’s replacement last year.

In its new guise, the reconfigured Classic shares even more of its components with other Kimberley Kampers, but gets a more basic tent design and reduced lighting, among other things, to drop its price to $1000 less than the outgoing RV.

Design & Construction

As well as the aluminium Delta Body Front Storage Box that is able to accommodate 1500L of cargo in three compartments accessed by its “gullwing” doors, it retains the core attractions of all the camper models, such as their unique, laser-cut, interlocked hot-dipped galvanised chassis, now with a five-year warranty, Treg offroad coupling and standard Webasto diesel hot water service.

Plus, like other 2015 Kampers, it gets a reduction in drawbar weight of 15kg as the result of a slight chassis/suspension position change.

Add to this the Classic’s standard 120L rear water tank, four 35Ah AGM batteries with a 10A intelligent charger, plus a 25W solar panel on the front of the leading gullwing and the base spec is pretty impressive.

Set up

You simply unlatch the aluminium floor section that can double as a boat or pack-rack atop the Kamper, flip it backwards via its spring-loaded arms, then level the base to the terrain with the supplied metal pegs.

While the Kamper’s large queen size bed sits above the trailer body in conventional fashion, the extended tent section is secured to a separate alloy frame to eliminate the possibility of drafts or leaks.

The tent is also second-bedroom-ready, with a zip and full size rear window to take an add-on room for up to four children.


The Kamper’s impressive U-shaped kitchen consists of two stainless steel slide-out modules with the space in between them dedicated to a locking fridge slide on roller bearings that will take most 80L fridges (and even some 110L models).

The first slide contains the Classic’s standard two-burner stove/griller cooker and split stainless steel pantry, while the review Kamper was also fitted with the optional wok burner. A Weber Baby Q can be fitted instead of the cooktop.

Hits & Misses

I liked…

  • Classic, simple and functional design
  • High-quality construction  and finish
  • Versatility and options
  • Suitability for remote area living — in comfort

I would’ve liked…

  • Nothing. It’s a classic.


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