2014 Review: Patriot Campers TH560

Emma Ryan — 26 November 2014

We check out Patriot’s brand spanking new camper and sophomore model.


The first thing you notice about the TH560 is that it’s big; at 5.6m long and 2.4m wide, it dwarves its smaller brother, the X1, which prides itself on its compact size and offroadability.

Common sense dictates the TH560 is not going to be as manoeuvrable as the X1; however its performance on the tight, badly washed-out tracks demonstrated an impressive offroad attitude regardless.

It’s fitted with three tough “rock sliders”, which protect the underside of the back end by sliding along the ground like a sled if the rear of the camper makes contact with the ground. Similarly, where the camper widens at the toy deck there are two “bashers” to bear the impact of overhanging branches and shrubs on tight tracks.

Like the X1, the TH560 is built like the proverbial brick outhouse, with a laser-cut, interlocked and hot-dipped galvanised chassis in 151x52mm RHS. The body is comprised of 3.5mm power-coated aluminium to keep the weight down, while the drawbar is extendable to suit your towing vehicle and is hitched up with the Vehicle Components DO35.


Not only is the TH560 tough enough to get you and your playthings just about anywhere you want to go, it will also allow you to camp there in all the comfort you’re used to as a camper trailer traveller.

It has a Country Comfort on-board hot water service as standard, supplied by a 120L water tank with 12V electric pump, which also supplies cold running water to the food-grade stainless-steel kitchen. The slide-out and fold-down kitchen is functional and beautifully finished, with two massive pantry drawers for grocery items (one on either side of the camper). All drawers and lockers are marine carpeted and have LED lights. Unlike the X1, you’ll need to BYO burner with the TH560, but there is plenty of space to stow a butane cooker and they are an undeniably hassle-free way to sizzle a sausage.

Like the X1, the TH560 comes standard with a double-bed rooftop tent, but you can make it king size or upgrade to a James Baroud tent. You can also choose to add the Family Pack, which gives you an additional bedroom off the driver’s side to sleep up to four kids in two bunks. This option also provides extra privacy.


The TH560 is rated to carry a massive 2600kg, facilitating more than 1200 kilos’ worth of toys given its 1340kg Tare weight. The toy deck measures 3x1.7m and will happily house a full-sized side-by-side ATV, five dirt bikes (three along the front, two at the back), two quads (with space remaining for a dog cage) and two jet skis.

The TH560 also has loads of storage space for whatever paraphernalia may be associated with your chosen toys. There’s a massive storage locker on the driver’s side of the camper, designed with dirt bike gear bags in mind, and will happily house three or four bags. There’s a huge 880L lockable storage basket between the body of the camper and the rooftop-style tent, suitable for boots, chairs and anything else you can shove in there. Or, if you’re going away with mates, remove the tent and load the basket full of swags. This camper is certainly a versatile piece of kit.

The front storage locker takes care of the chainsaw, the generator and two jerry cans, with space for extra gear, and there’s a mount for a gas bottle at the front corner with the option of a second mount at the other corner. At the rear of the camper there’s a Hi-Lift jack mount and four MaxTrax holders as standard.


Built by a bloke who loves bikes, hunting and just about all other outdoor pursuits, the TH560 is designed from the ground up as the ultimate leisure machine. At almost $60K standard it doesn’t come cheap, but with an exceptional build-quality and all the comforts you’d expect of a high-end camper trailer, I have little doubt the TH560 will find a happy home in the garage of a broad range of outdoor thrillseekers who will see the benefit of its one-stop-shop approach to camping and playing off the beaten track.



Huge gear deck and big payload to suit

On-board fuel for toys

More storage than you’re likely to fill


To keep it!

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