2014 Review: Australian Off Road Matrix

Michael Browning — 2 September 2014

Join Michael Browning test out Australian Off Road's unique Matrix camper trailer. With the mix of a fresh new design and adaptable size, this series makes it easier to travel to once hard to reach, remote locations; like the Bungle Bungle ranges and other rural Australian National Parks.


Packed to the brim with great features, the Matrix houses a very generous sized kitchen, dinette and queen size bed – with plenty of storage space inside, in order to make it easy to manoeuvre around and accommodate every occasion.

Michael mentions the incredibly handy dust proofing methods, created to allow for less time cleaning and maintaining the vehicle itself.

It's a monocoque construction, providing more efficient use of the roof space and above head storage. And with fully fibre glass walls in place, it is not only a very solid structure, but also easy to tow and can be put behind any medium sized off road tow vehicle. 

Built to last, with nearly all aspects of the vehicle being locally and in house at the Australian Off Road factory in Caloundra - the Matrix is high up on the list of best camper trailers going around.

Twin shock absorption and trailing arm coil spring suspension help in any off road situation, along with the use of skid bars to save any damage occurring to the body work. 

The Verdict

Although the price tag may not fit all budgets, as Michael states "There's none with this size, that has everything in it and the quality of finish" on the market.  

It tows beautifully, is lightweight, has independent suspension and on a single axle makes it easy to take over rough terrain and thanks to the streamline design, hardly effected by the wind.

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