Mountain Trail EDX Review


The name EDX, which stands for “Electric Design Extreme”, tells the tale of this hardfloor camper  from Mountain Trail Campers quite well: an innovative design employing the latest in manufacturing techniques to create an offroad trailer capable of taking on seriously extreme conditions.

Mountain Trail EDX specifications

The EDX is comprised of over 250 laser cut panels, which slot together precisely to create a machine-perfect product — similar to how a car is manufactured. Each panel is uniquely marked with a part number, so if you need to replace it, just quote the number and you’ll get what you ordered. It reduces guess work and wrong parts being dispatched, but it also means each individual part is repairable by any panel beater in the country, so if something should go wrong on the road, it won’t necessarily signify the end of your trip. All of this manufacturing is done in-house at Mountain Trail HQ to further increase the quality equation. The chassis is a 150x50x3mm hot-dipped, galvanised unit with a galvanised plate, zinc anneal and aluminum sheet metal employed on the camper’s outer skin. The paint work consists of two-pack enamel — just like you’d find on a motor car.

Up front, the drawbar has the usual hardware attached, with the Vehicle Components Hitchmaster DO35 ensuring your home goes where you do. It has a versatile, lockable storage box designed to take two jerries, two gas bottles, your wet canvas, rubbish, muddy snatch straps and even firewood. It has a vented base, meaning air can circulate freely and wet items like annex walls or floors will be less likely to grow mold, while the whole thing can be hosed out during cleaning. The storage box also doubles as the stoneguard, with the front shaped at the appropriate angles to deflect little missiles, and painted in blow-absorbing rubber to deaden the sound.


The whole rig is held up by rugged independent suspension that is rated to carry the gross vehicle weight of 2000kg with ease. The EDX weighs in at a healthy 1270kg tare, which when you consider all of the whizz that’s going on with the electrics, is reasonable. Packed up, it occupies a footprint measuring 4950x1890mm. There is plenty of scope to carry all of the gear to make your trip a comfortable one.


The icing atop this well-constructed, functional camper is definitely its innovative auto-opening feature. While not the first hardfloor to employ electronics to open, the EDX is the first one to do so using two electronic actuators. This system has a patent pending, and while it will appeal to all travellers thanks to its completely fuss-free set up, it will greatly benefit older campers who still have a desire to travel, but have been put off by the relative physicality required to set up a camper.

Once the tent is up and the floor stabalised the next step is the awning, which resides on the roof of the camper when not in use. The whole set up takes about 10 minutes to complete and is relatively straightforward. For a longer term camp, there’s also the shower/privacy room and once that’s been attached you’re home and hosed, so to speak. The tent is Australian 12oz dynaproofed Wax Converters canvas and beautifully finished with weather strips that will keep rain away and also help make the unit draught-proof.  A tropical roof is fitted to the top to reduce condensation and keep the interior cooler.


Entering the camper you will find a queen innerspring mattress above a massive, roll-out clothes drawer. The diesel central heating outlet sits neatly beside, it as do the internal electrical fittings. Three more draws inside mean you’re never short of space to put things. At the head of the bed there are two LED reading lights with light strips built into the roof.

The layout works well with efficient use of all space, and the set-up has been thoughtfully designed with some extra luxurious touches, including soft-close drawers and cabinets. And to top it off, all of the important electrical switches reside here so there’s no need to leave your post to make something happen.


The stainless steel kitchen slides out from the passenger’s side on smooth rollers, and the hinged bench then folds over at the long edge to double the bench footprint. This means you can have someone working at the stove/sink side, and someone else chopping veggies or simply hanging out with a drink and some nibbles at the other side. The three-burner Smev stove has a transparent glass top, so it does not interfere with the socializing when the stove is in use. The plumbed sink with hot and cold mixer tap is 12V operated and fed from the 130L stainless steel water tank, while the heat comes from the diesel hot water service.

Next to the main kitchen slide you’ll find dual pantry drawers, and on the other side of that, a 40L Waeco refrigerator on its own drawer. All drawers and storage cabinets use Australian EPDM automotive rubber seals, which should last the life of the camper.


Powering the whole set up are two 105Ah deep cycle batteries and they will provide enough power to run the outfit for a few days at least, but there are sockets to take solar input and a 240V charger for when you’re on the grid, with 240V outputs by the bed and in the kitchen.

There are USB and 12V outlets both internally and externally, so you shouldn’t be caught short for charging power. All the important cupboards and external cabinets have their own LED lighting that can be isolated from the main switchboard. A Projecta 1000W inverter keeps the laptop and camera batteries charged, and is located right where you want it at the foot of the bed.

The battery and solar panels needs are taken care of by a RedArc battery management system, and the entire electrical package is controlled by the aforementioned main switchboard, a user-friendly panel of switches located by the kitchen.


  • Electric opening mechanism
  • Flush-mounted storage cabinets
  • Fitted tropical roof
  • Lightweight yet strong floor
  • Vented floor in front storage box


  • Stabilizer legs on the kitchen


This camper is a fine specimen of quality Australian manufacturing. Its construction is rock-solid, it scores 10/10 for innovation and it doesn’t skimp on a single comfort. The EDX is a high-end camper trailer that will turn heads wherever it goes, destined to become a much-loved home away from home for countless families and couples.

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