2014 Review: Golf Savannah 402

Michael Browning — 19 June 2014

Released at the 2014 Melbourne Caravan & Camping Show, the 402 is the starting point of the new five-model Golf pop-top and caravan range that has resulted from A’van’s purchase of the 38-year-old Queensland brand in the aftermath of the Global Financial Crisis.

The stumpy Savannah 402 blurs the lines between the two Golf product ranges and is priced to make it a logical step-up for those wanting to move from soft to hard walls, but still go bush.

It’s a pretty good looking little rig, with its smooth composite aluminium-skinned walls, creative use of checkerplate and abrupt rear departure angled bodywork. It rides high on its sturdy 150mm main chassis and separate 150mm A-frame. 

The Verdict

Priced appealingly in the thick of the upmarket hardfloor camper trailers, the Golf Savannah 402 offers tempting reasons for canvas-weary adventurers to go “soft” in the bush. It is a great base station, weighing little more than a well-optioned camper trailer. It will take you well off-the-beaten track in surprising comfort for relatively little money.


  • Solid rough-road specs
  • Indoor/outdoor layout
  • Value for money
  • Great indoor and outdoor kitchens


  • A-frame at same height as main chassis
  • Floor, rather than roof-mounted air-conditioner to lower travel height
  • Exterior kitchen to face the other way
  • A better foldaway or portable plastic step

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