MIKE PAVEY — 22 April 2014


If you can’t find exactly what you are after in a camper trailer — Wilmax Aluminium Fabrications in Adelaide’s southern suburb of Lonsdale designs custom aluminium trailers for its varied client base, covering softfloor, hardfloor, slide-on, chassis-mount, caravans, toy haulers and more.


Our test trailer was an all-aluminium number (including drawbar, chassis, body and front storage box), which is rarely seen these days due to the added cost of production.

The drawbar uses 127x63.5x9.5mm structural C-channel aluminium; the chassis rails 50x50x4mm alloy box section; and the body 3mm five-bar treadplate.

Like other offroad trailers, the front toolbox, leading edges and guards score the scratch-resistant five-bar finish, as does the inside of the tub.

The benefits of alloy over steel are weight reduction and corrosion resistance, but with the same strength to endure the hard yards. Alloy doesn’t chip like painted steel trailers and will last years longer while retaining better value.

Weighing only 540kg with an ATM of 1000kg, the Wilmax Softfloor is suitable for a range of smaller 4WDs or SUVs.

The chassis is supported on an AL-KO Outback five-leaf suspension pack using a 45mm axle, override disc brakes and 15in wheels. An 85L poly RV tank is plumbed to an external hand pump on the driver’s side.

Up front, a Treg polyblock coupling allows for articulation when offroad. There is a handbrake, swing-up jockey wheel, vertically mounted spare wheel and a large toolbox with a substantial rubber automotive seal. The only thing missing here is a gas strut to keep it propped open when in use. An optional battery and charging system could easily be accommodated inside.


The tailgate swings open to reveal the treadplate interior. Internal trailer access is good, with a pivoting bed base guided by gas struts, providing access to the tub while in transit. Otherwise, a plywood trapdoor beneath the bed gives access when camp is established. A gas strut would improve the ease of use.

The Wilmax has a locally sewn 14oz Wax Converters canvas. The silver base colour with burgundy highlights looks superb. It features twin D-shaped doors, large windows, small internal pockets, an awning and an in-built tropical roof. Zips are big chunky numbers and the window awnings roll from the inside.

Set-up is simple for a modest sized camper tent, only taking a couple of minutes to prop up and a few minutes longer if erecting the rear awning covering the tailgate area.


There was no kitchen fitted to this trailer, though there is a range of options available. Dual over-centre catches keep the tailgate pressed firmly against the foam seal, and large LED running lights.


The Wilmax Softfloor is essentially a blank canvas ready to customise according to your requirements. While its standard inclusions are limited, what you get is a quality foundation with a corrosion-resistant trailer and benchmark canvas, all Aussie made and manufactured for a $14,000 ask, complete with a two-year warranty.

As a basic weekender, simply add some chairs, table, bedding, cooler, gas cooker and some lights.

Or for something a little more upmarket, you could add a slide-out or tailgate kitchen, power and lighting. The options are only limited by your budget. 


  • All-alloy construction
  • Quality Aussie-made canvas
  • Large windows
  • Light weight


  • A gas strut on the front storage box and under-bed hatch
  • A battery as standard

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