EMMA RYAN — 22 April 2014


All Terrain Campers is a well-known and respected local camper trailer manufacturer that has been building quality offroad campers for more than 15 years in Western Sydney All Terrain now brings its camper trailer finesse to the sub-$20k market with its entry-level Getaway, which carries an opening price tag of $19,990.


The Getaway, which sits on a 7x4ft trailer, looks particularly tall for a smaller trailer, and certainly for an entry-level camper in this price range. That’s thanks to its sturdy one-piece chassis and drawbar, constructed from 75x50x3mm steel for added strength and durability in the bush, while the added height makes for great clearance offroad.

There’s an 8in swing-up auto-lock jockey wheel up front, and a gas strut-assisted lockable checkerplate toolbox with auto seals and a storage tray inset to keep track of smaller items. Immediately behind there are three recesses with tie-down points for jerry cans, or alternatively this space could be used to carry firewood. There’s an additional mounting point for All Terrain’s ensuite tent.

Mechanical override brakes come as standard and are suitable for a trailer of this size. However, you can also upgrade to electric brakes.

There are twin 4.5kg gas bottle holders. The lockable water inlet leads to a 76L All Terrain-built water tank on the underside, where one can also catch sight of the seven-leaf outback springs and 50mm square axle.


All Terrain proudly sews its tents in-house from Dynaproofed Wax Converters canvas. The tent itself provides a floor area of 2.9x2.2m, while the awning will provide an additional 2.4x4.8m of undercover space.

Opening the kitchen exposes the internal under-bed area, which is a cavernous storage space for all your gear. And, with an ATM of 1500kg, you’ve got plenty of payload to play with on the Getaway.

All Terrain’s trademark roof window is a thoughtful addition and is fitted with midgee mesh and opens internally. It’s via this window that you manually erect the tropical roof, an attached additional flap over the bed that is erected on poles and rolls up when not in use.

All-Terrain classics include; a removable canvas laundry bag, two sets of coathanger hooks, storage pockets down the side of the tent for the kids’ gear and, twin “cheat’s doors” that hook and loop fastener back rather than needing to be rolled. The back door is double-width, and when fully opened the tent feels especially bright, breezy and spacious.

The high-density foam mattress is accessed via a step-up, like that you’d find on a walk-up camper, only without the additional length such a configuration requires. All Terrain has achieved this by positioning the “walk-up” passageway underneath the end of the bed. This means the under-bed storage space is compartmentalised, with a decent chunk of it accessible internally without tilting the bed.


The kitchen is a choice of a rear swing-out painted steel number or a slide-out on lockable tracks. The first choice swings all the way around on itself and can be fixed in any position; at 90-degrees to sit under the awning, or 180-degrees to position it on the curb for road-side lunch breaks.

It’s a basic kitchen, but more than functional with a portable Companion two-burner gas stove complete with toaster, a set of portable plastic drawers for cutlery and a removable stainless bowl sink serviced by a hand pump. The sink/tap arrangement may not be the most high-tech or luxurious, but it certainly saves water. There isn’t a fridge included, but All Terrain can option the Getaway with a fridge and/or fridge slide.


The electronics set-up on the Getaway is simple, but provides the basics to see you camping in comfort. There’s a single 100Ah AGM battery charged via an Anderson plug and observed via a volt meter. There are two 12V outlets by the bed and another two in the kitchen, fused individually.

I consider lighting to be an essential, and would like to see it as part of the package — it isn’t included at this price — but All Terrain can supply strip lights as an option.


Overall, the Getaway is a strong, functional trailer with all the basics included for comfortable camping. Its point of difference at this end of the market is its fully Aussie-made construction and enviable offroad credentials.

So if you’re looking for something that can survive the rigours of the outback but don’t want to mortgage your house to pay for it, the little Getaway is certainly one to keep in mind.


  • Bright, breezy tent thanks to all those windows and double door
  • Clever semi-walk-up design
  • Great clearance for offroad
  • Lightweight but offroad-capable


  • A couple of strip lights thrown into the package

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