2014 Review: Australian Off Roads Quantum Camper

DAVID COOK — 21 March 2014

Australian Off Road has been manufacturing one of Australia’s best hardfloor camper trailers for some years, but it has also been gathering a short but telling list of campers’ primary desires for their camper trailers. That list included no (or minimal) canvas, an internal shower and toilet, and outside cooking facilities.

The result has been a series of hybrid campers, which Australian Off Road refers to as “Super Campers”, and a complete change in direction for the company. This business, which once built, almost exclusively, class-leading hardfloor campers, is now focused heavily on their Super Campers and offroad caravans.

The top of the line in Australian Off Road’s Super Camper fleet is the Quantum, a hybrid-style camper that offers the best of a caravan with the alfresco offerings of a true camper trailer. The Quantum has been on the market for six years, and while slow to find its sales point, is now rolling out the doors of Australian Off Road’s workshop in Caloundra, Queensland. Australian Off Road’s Super Camper sells one of its Super Campers every two days, a sure sign that quality sells itself.

You can read David's full review of Australian Off Road’s Quantum camper in the Camper Trailer Australia Yearbook, out now. Check out a video tour of the Quantum filmed on location in Queensland's beautiful sunshine coast above...

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