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Nina Flanagan — 26 November 2013

The Track Trailer Tour Mate is a terrific addition to the soft-floor, fold-out camper trailer market. It combines versatility and durability with the quality and clever design we have come to expect from Track Trailer.

The Tour Mate uses a unique hydraulic mechanism to aid assembly, meaning it can be easily set up by one person, while the other person tends to the boat that is cleverly stowed for travel on the roof of the trailer.


A new feature of the Track Trailer Tour Mate are the panniers, for storage, one of which contains the power management system. Other technology highlights include the MC2 Asymmetrical Link independent suspension, built for the Australian Army, and extensively tested through previous models. This suspension, combined with the top quality canvas of the tent, means that the Tour Mate is built to last the in harsh Aussie environments.


The generous 2.6 x 2.1m tent is well designed, with lots of clever touches to save space and maximise storage. Unlike traditional camper design, where the kitchen is positioned near the tailgate, the Tour Mate kitchen is around to the side, allowing room for a full-length, sliding storage tray that can hold up to 300kg of luggage. The kitchen is functional and stylishly finished, with splashes of red to match the outer canvas design. The signature breakfast bar, seen in other Track Trailer models, has returned: it slides into a wall groove and can be removed and stored when not in use.

The bedroom is equally versatile, with plenty of room to accommodate a queen, a king or three single size mattresses, depending on the type of trip you have planned. Due to the modular design, you can also zip on additional rooms, such as a living area or ensuite.


While not at the cheapest end of the market, a popular option seems to be to purchase the more budget-friendly Base Mate and build from there. The Track Trailer systems are designed so that you can add or remove options to suit your budget and lifestyle.

The Tour Mate is a great package, designed to comfortably and stylishly accommodate a family holiday at a beautiful fishing spot.  

Presented by Michael Browning.

Words by Nina Flanagan.


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