Cub Kamparoo Brumby camper trailer review

Claire Wilson — 13 August 2012

CUB IS AN OLD hand in the camper trailer business; they have been making campers since 1968 - before man had even walked on the moon. Wandering around the new Cub showroom in North Rocks, NSW, it is impressive to see just how many campers they have on offer. From the lightweight Junior, that can be towed behind just about anything, to kitted out Spacevans - these guys have the lot.

For people interested in an offroad camper Cub offers the lightweight Kamparoo Brumby, which is the trailer I'll be looking at here. Lookswise the gold paint is eye-catching and the effort that goes into the function and finish of the trailer is clear.

Up front of the drawbar is the proven Trigg polyblock hitch. Further back a stoneguard protects the paintwork and sitting on the drawbar are two 4.5kg gas bottles and two jerry can holders. Behind these is the large checker plate storage box, which is divided into two. One side holds a fridge slide, located conveniently by the kitchen, while the other is for storage. This box can be accessed via doors on either side or the hinged lid on top - so everything is easy to reach.

The attention to detail on this camper is impressive - the hand brake mechanism is even protected from rocks and branches by a solid metal guard.

The stainless steel slide-out kitchen is housed in the trailer's tub, along with a nice long drawer ideal for storing food. A two-burner cooktop takes care of dinner duties while a 12V Surflo pump provides water from the 80L tank for washing up. The kitchen is easily accessed for roadside stops. However, there is no bench space beyond the dish draining area next to the sink, which means you have to pack a table.

Another small storage hatch sits in the tub on the other side of the camper and a large tube acts as an effective pole carrier, located to the rear of the hard top.

The trailer sports Cub's Ezy-Wind winch system, which makes setting up and packing down a fuss-free business.

Cub even marks the point to which the winch should be unwound when setting up. Once the winch is unwound, you simply unclip the hard floor and lift it until the gas struts kick in to help you lower it easily. Then pop inside, adjust the poles, and lastly secure the tent with the press studs.

The tent is made in Australia by Cub from Wax Converters canvas, and has a unique super large door, making it easy to get the kids' stretchers in. Café blinds protect the windows, so if it starts raining you can keep the tent dry and bright without having to go outside.

The double bed has a foam mattress and the base lifts with the assistance of gas struts. The 100Ah deep cycle battery, battery charger, 240V and 12V power outlets, and water pump switch are stored under here but there is still plenty of room for clothes and bedding. Just be aware that there is no way to access these things when the trailer is closed, a potential problem if you need running water during your roadside stops.

The annexe is large, extending the full length of the drawbar. This means the kitchen is well covered, as is the fridge slide in the front box. You simply zip the annexe to the tent and attach the poles using hook and loop fasteners and clips, making set up a breeze. In the gale force winds we experienced while out with the Brumby, guy ropes were an absolute necessity. In mild weather this wouldn't be the case.

The Brumby sits on a galvanised chassis and independent trailing arm coil suspension system which is capable of handling tough dirt tracks. The body is made from steel and checker plate aluminium. The spare wheel sits under the body at the rear of the trailer, taking the weight off the ball.

The Brumby comes standard with override disc brakes, but I believe that the $265 upgrade to electric brakes is well worth it - there is no need to fiddle with a greasy plate whenever you want to reverse.


This test Brumby is worth $26,490 and is a solid offroad camper trailer from a local company that has one of the best reputations in the business. At only 800kg this unit will sit comfortably behind most 4WDs on rough dirt tracks, with a hassle free set-up when you arrive at your destination. I would like to see it given more kitchen bench space and external access to the underbed storage, but this would just be the icing on the cake.

Source: Camper Trailer Australia #44

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