Strap on the Travelander Evron DC-CF Series 1 for the Ultimate Camping Experience

Aaron Flanagan — 28 September 2017

Tray-mounted campers are a different beast. Custom-fitted to a vehicle of your choosing, they allow owners to load the tow ball with something other than their home-away-from-home. Perfect if you want a boat along for the ride, or, simply, just want to minimise your roadtrain footprint.

The Travelander Evron DC - CF Series 1 sits demurely on the tray of a funky dual cab LandCruiser. The genius of the thing is that it’s completely unassuming. You simply park it like you would any 4WD, its full array of features folded up inside a symmetrically pleasing carbon-fibre cuboid.

It comes with a remote, that - once activated - reveals the full Evron. Where was once simply a vehicle, now sits a tented rooftop queen-sized bed, stairs down to a hard-floor alcove leading, on one side, to a shower cubicle and on the other, steps down to a vast outside awning area.

The kitchen unfurls from behind an inconspicuous door, and comes complete with a double burner eco stove and a swivel kitchen bench with sink and hot/cold mixer tap. Again, in keeping with its overall presentation, the sparse minimalism of the Evron’s kitchen is impressive. Because it has to slot back into the master cube for transportation, every detail has been considered.

To counteract the weight issues that arise from the sheer density of gadgetry packed into such a relatively small volume, Travelander  looked to a lighter-weight build material, enabling the camper to retain its repertoire of features and, at the same time, reduce its weight by a fifth on previous versions.

With its sleek black carbon fibre shell, the Evron is a cool looking little unit. When set up, it has everything you could want, and more.

The Travelander Evron DC-CF Series 1 is priced at $48,300.


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