Enjoy a Newfound Freedom with Tailgate's Slide-On Camper

Robert Norman — 25 September 2017

If you own a camper trailer you’ve probably faced a common dilemma: Your trailer’s on tow and you’ve hit a track you’d like to check out but it looks unsuitable for towing. What do you do? Camp up somewhere and leave the trailer behind, or just think it’s all too hard and keep on driving? It’s in these situations that a Tailgate Camper comes into its own.

Each Tailgate camper is individually hand-crafted in the workshop of Irene and Noel Ham - who built the business after having trouble finding comfortable offroad accommodation that would enable their continued participation in 4WD club trips.

The camper itself is unbelievably quick to set up, taking under 40-seconds. A couple of latches on the back allow the roof to fold out with one-handed effort. Two internal struts hold the canvas in place and a quick release catch lets down a set of steps for access. Easy.

Tailgate Campers come in a range of configurations for single, extra and dual cab vehicles. While the longer tray of a single cab enables fitting a more spacious slide-on with more storage space, the gain is minimal when compared with the extra cab model. In fact Noel suggests fitting the shorter extra cab unit to a single cab vehicle to create additional storage space behind the cabin for a pod or spare tyre.

While the living space is small and you’ll be flat out cooking a Sunday roast with all the trimmings on the small gas stove, considering the limitations imposed by the necessity to fit everything within the available space, they are more than adequate for purpose.

So if you already own a cab chassis, or are toying with the idea of buying a new 4WD for some remote travelling, then it may be worth checking out what a Tailgate Camper can offer.

The Tailgate Slide-On Camper is priced at $33,500 for a standard single cab.


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