Discover Your Dark Side With Lifestyle’s Striking Reconn R2

David Cook — 30 August 2017

Lifestyle is one of those brands that has, with little fanfare, been building an enviable reputation that’s really started to come into its own since the boom in popularity of hybrid campers.

Almost all are equipped with internal ensuites, have excellent fitouts and are well pegged near the bottom of the price range for a hybrid. Lifestyle’s have been discovered by those seeking an added level of comfort to go with a solid but not endless budget.

Basically the Reconn R2 is a big camper with lots of storage room, a limited internal living area plus a big, comfortable bed and one of Lifestyle’s roomy, well laid out side kitchens. While it’s aimed at couples with a taste for adventure, Lifestyle offer a family-friendly version with bunk beds too - perfect for when the kids are in tow.

The Reconn R2 cuts an imposing figure out on the tracks, and has a go-anywhere capacity to match its dark and moody exterior. We took it through some pretty rough and tight situations, down steep slopes, over boulders, over loose gravel, along dirt and over corrugations and quite frankly it never put a foot wrong.

The Reconn R2 just bristles with storage, with a total of 5070L, and with a load capacity of 1000kg you can make full use of it. If you ever said you’d run out of load space on the R2 then you’re carrying way too much! The most notable is on the passenger side where there is a huge 1400L storage bay, but there are also four small tubs alongside the bed, one either side of the foot and one either side of the head.

The Lifestyle Reconn R2 is a heck of a trailer for its price, has a huge options list and is perfectly suitable for any obstacle that comes its way.

The Lifestyle Reconn R2 is priced at $59,950.


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