Luxury Awaits in The Mountain Trail LXV Luxury Off-Road Vehicle

John 'Bear' Willis — 11 July 2017

Mountain Trail describes the LXV as an off-road caravan that is modular, rugged and self-contained. It will allow a couple to comfortably travel our wonderful country for an indefinite period with the flexibility to explore our harshest environments.

Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? Afterall, touring isn’t just about finding the toughest tracks that will push your rig to its absolute limit, most people don’t mind a few creature comforts when bush bashing!

Concerns about the height of the LXV  are known to Mountain Trail, who make no apologies for the insulated composite fibreglass shell that not only provides terrific head-room for their growing demographic, but delivers a real sense of security at the same time. The design, built with a very low centre of gravity to keep the LXV upright through the harshest of terrain, also fits behind most 4WDs easily without protruding.

Whilst the LXV is really a big white composite box, it is still really quite attractive and features including the laser cut stainless steel badging, double-glazed Euro-style windows and even the lockable external door with flyscreen provide shape and strong accents.

Inside, the deluxe stainless steel kitchen (the same one perfected in its EDX hardfloor camper - also a Camper Trailer of the Year 2016 winner) doesn’t disappoint, while the queen-size pillowtop innerspring bed is a luxurious highlight few would argue with.

This is a unit for serious travellers on a mission to explore wherever their wanderlust leads them.

The Mountain Trail LXV Luxury Off-Road Vehicle is priced at $92,900.


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