No Need to Break the Bank with Skamper Kamper Ranger XL

Dan Everett — 2 June 2017

First up, the Ranger XL screams utilitarian with a non-nonsense construction and just the basics you need. While it may lack some of the kit you’ll find in the more expensive Skamper models, the gear included is top quality and tough as anything – you’d near on need to drop it off a cliff to break it.

Like most softfloors, the Ranger XL is an absolute behemoth when it comes to storage. Pop the two over-centre latches holding down the tent, or crack open the tailgate-mounted kitchen and you’ve got easy access to what is essentially a 7ft by 4ft box trailer. There are also sealed, lockable boxes at the rear, and two separate storage boxes in the front.

Like most proven offroad campers the Ranger XL is incredibly capable because of its simplicity, rather than a laundry list of ‘upgrades’ the factory has thrown at it. And when you consider how light it is - 910kg dry – it requires very little brake input to keep it inline, and is light enough to bounce over obstacles with a quick blip of the throttle on climbs.

If you’re unhappy with what’s on the market, or sit in bed at night crying when you look at price tags, the Skamper Kamper Ranger XL may be the answer to your camping woes.

The Skamper Kamper Ranger XL is priced at $10,500 + on roads and dealer delivery.


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