There's No Limit to Your Adventures with a Stockman Rooftop Camper

John 'Bear' Willis — 1 June 2017

Pod trailers are nothing new; in fact, Stockman Products have been manufacturing pod trailers for 10 years now. But in this day and age, where it seems the norm for campers to be loaded to the hilt with every extra feature under the sun, it’s nice to have a bit of simplicity.

And that’s what the Stockman Rooftop Camper is all about. Strong, practical, easy to manoeuvre (especially so if you’re a solo traveller) and financially-friendly, it’s perfect for everyone from the weekend warrior to the long-haul adventurer.

The trailer itself has a low tare weight of around 400kg including the toolbox, tent and kitchen so you don’t need the drama and cost of added brakes. This leaves an ATM of 750kg and around 350kg of load capacity.

The Pod has a polyethylene top with dust-proof automotive seals which hinges easily from the front and is secured by four over centre locks. The whole top lifts easily on gas struts, even when it’s carrying kayaks or bicycles on the roof racks. Accessing the kitchen is as simple as opening the tailgate and sliding it out from the rear.

When fully erected the Stockman Rooftop Camper provides a very realistic campsite for long-term travel or an extended stay in your favourite campsite. Alternatively, the rooftop tent alone can be set up in a matter of minutes. 

The Stockman Rooftop Camper is priced at $14,995 or from $10,185.


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