Hit the Road in Style With MDC’s Impressive XT12

Michael Borg — 23 June 2017

First things first, hitching up the camper solo is a breeze thanks to McHitch offroad coupling, which kind of guides you into the right position unlike the traditional offroad couplings. That’s one tick right there!

Once you’re on the road, it’s all smooth sailing - as long as you have a decent tow tug to pull it. Tipping the scales at 2000kg (Tare), plus a tank full of water and a bunch of gear loaded in, it was surprisingly heavy for a small camper - and going up hills the LandCruiser was definitely struggling - but it tracks straight as an arrow and handled well enough.

For the XT12, setting up is a fairly easy process – not the simplest camper of all time, but quite manageable and worth the effort. A nice touch is the electric awning, which is quite easy to set up solo thanks to the main switch located close by in the kitchen area.

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A particularly awesome feature is the internal shower - there’s literally no extra setup required, which is great for overnight stops.

One thing the team at MDC do very well is add plenty of value in terms of quality accessories to their campers, and this one is no exception. The solar system and 300AH worth of batteries were the big winners for me; I didn’t even have to plug the Anderson Plug into my vehicle – it was already totally self sufficient.

The MDC XT12 is priced (at time of test) as $40,491.


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