AOR Starts Custom-making Camper Cabinetry In-house

Camper Trailer Australia — 2 June 2017

Offroaders seeking a new rig for the ‘long haul’ will now have a bigger say on where they store their Vegemite, now that Australian Off Road (AOR) has invested in a new CNC router.

Skilled cabinet-making staff will work alongside fibreglass fabrication in the Sunshine Coast-based facility to produce cabinets where the shells are made in a wider range of colours and styles in less amount of time.

AOR issued a statement saying it’s extremely excited by the new machinery that gives them even greater control of its products, with general manager Russell Evans describing it as “a great step forward” for the company.

“Not only are we now making 100 per cent of our own cabinets, we can move on to using any material we want for our trailers,” he said.

As well as taking its cabinet-making in house, AOR has also employed its own panel beater painter and is doing all of its own fibreglass nose cones and fibreglass polishing.


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