Heads Will Turn With The New Teardrop Maverick

Dan Everett — 13 April 2017

Never heard of the Teardrop Camper Company? Introducing Frank and Olga, who are bringing 80+ year-old teardrop designs into the modern age with high-tech suspension, up-to-date comforts, and offroad ability.

It’s this quirky idea, combined with brilliant design features that make their Maverick camper stand out from the crowd (and leave quite an impression on all those who encounter it!).

While the concept may seem a bit gimmicky at first glance, it’s important to note there is a clear science behind their theories. There are big name components throughout, galvanised chassis, heavy duty suspension and little details everywhere you look that contribute towards an easy to use camper.

The fit and finish is impeccable too, with a mixture of fibreglass, aluminium, vinyl wrapping and insulation it feels like you’re sleeping in a premium product.

A lack of hidden storage and no floor space are sure to polarise some potential buyers, but for those with a well-equipped tow rig who want a simple to use, easy to set up, surprisingly affordable camper trailer, the Maverick makes a hell of an option.

The Teardrop Maverick is priced at $34,999 + on roads.


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