Mars launches Ares 1

CTA Staff — 26 October 2016

Mars Campers is set to launch its first hybrid camper, the Ares 1.

While detailed specs and images of the finished product are yet to be released, the Ares 1 is billed by the company as “ultra-towable”, with a projected Tare of 980kg and a ball weight of 80kg. Its length is 5.5m and towing height 2.35m, though that would vary depending on the suspension type and configuration.

According to Mars, features will include hot water, “smart” storage, ergonomically designed lounge/queen bed, interior LED lights, refrigerator, and an external slide-out kitchen.

“With trailing arm independent suspension and more comforts than many trailers twice its size and weight, the Ares One maximises space while eliminating waste,” the company said. “Every corner of this unit has been carefully thought through.”

The Ares 1 will comfortably seat five and sleep four, according to Mars. The company predicts that the rig’s aerodynamic shape and light weight will make it a fuel-efficient proposition, too.


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