New Terra Trek Australia Prototype Camper Receives Borgy's Tick of Approval

Camper Trailer Australia — 5 August 2016

Terra Trek Australia is a new camper trailer manufacturer out of South Australia - not traditionally the home of the rough and tumble full offroad machines we've come to expect out of, say, Victoria or New South Wales.

But Terra Trek Australia owner Mark Reu worked for years as a guide through the Simpson Desert and the Flinders Ranges so he knows the importance of a new-bulletproof camper trailer and he's pretty certain he's nailed it with the EXP.

The EXP is no luxury camper with a built-in foot spa and shiatsu vibrating bed. It’s a rugged platform designed for simplicity and reliability. 

And instead of just taking the camper out for the day, put it through its paces and given it a check over, Borgy decided to go one step further and put Terra Trek's claims to the test.

"We hitched this bad boy up and made it stand toe to toe with Big Red, the largest dune in the Simpson Desert," he said.


So how did it stack up?

Purely from an offroad standpoint, I came away pretty bloody impressed," Borgy said. "As you’d expect for a camper like this, its ability to be dragged over anything you care to point your 4WD at is one of the major selling points."

"This brand new prototype trailer has been designed from the ground up, quite literally, to withstand anything the hard-core tourer can throw its way," he said.

It comes with a custom, military-inspired swing axle suspension suspension, pressurised cabin, Redarc BMS and weighs less than a tonne tare. 

While Borgy admitted the prototype did have "few rough edges", he was more than impressed with it.

"I have no doubt that they’ll be smoothed out by the time it goes into production," he said. "It’s a quality camper that’s overflowing with quality inclusions and I can’t stress enough how refreshing it is to see a camper around with this amount of ingenuity."


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