Sub-tonne Opus 2 Sleeper to Ride on Coil Springs

Camper Trailer Australia — 20 July 2016

As the smallest model in the new Opus Mark II range, the Opus 2 Sleeper will combine an alloy-framed composite body with responsive independence coil suspension to weigh just 990kg Tare for enhanced agility and minimal resistance out on the tracks.

Stability will be assured with heavy duty 12in brakes and a centre-folding design that will keep the unladen towball weight to just 100kg.

The Opus 2 Sleeper will enjoy a 610kg carrying capacity and a full annexe to optimise your living space, with luxury appointments under its raised tent-like cantilever top to include a comfy queen-size bed, club lounge and kitchenette plumbed to a 65L stainless steel tank.


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