Complete Campsite Rethinks the Hardfloor in the Fraser XTE

Camper Trailer Australia — 27 July 2016

A large lightweight floor opens out with a click of button via a straightforward single-gearbox motor with manual override, to reveal an interior that provides 2500L of storage space.

A combination of materials sheds kilos in the trailer’s construction, to squeeze in ample comforts in its 1380kg Tare. Highlights include the diesel-run hot water and air space heating; a second pump for drawing water from a creek; a Redarc manager30 for optimal management of the 120W solar array and two 105Ah batteries; plus a 1000W pure sine wave for full access to your 240V appliances wherever you camp. What’s more, the rear-mounted kitchen with top quality drawers and a three-burner stove shift weight away from the towball for stability on the road and on the tracks.

The high pitched tent, a result of the long floor, is sewn onsite from luxurious Wax Converters Dynaproof canvas by industry artisans, for maximum ventilation and water run off. Other canvas work includes a thermal insulation blanket, a 2.4m wide metre awning with skylights and gables, annexe floor matting plus an en-suite room with pockets, clothes hangers and a shower holder.

The whole kit rides on a hot dipped galvanised chassis with Rhino Lining where it counts and independent coil and twin shocks absorbing the bumps offroad.


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