New Challenge Black Edition Meridian Walk In Receives Upgraded Power

Camper Trailer Australia — 5 May 2016

The Black Edition Meridian Walk In, designed for large groups, offers a second aluminium tub hatch, augmenting the fridge slide to provide room for a second fridge.

The two hatches and the front toolbox provide 200L in external storage, bringing the total storage to 700L.

The Hi-Tech Deluxe Electrical Installation features two batteries, a Redarc DC-DC charger, 25A charging system plus a 15A input, inverter and two powerpoint outlets to optimise comforts on and off the grid.

The new body is teamed with a luxurious 12ft Dynaproof canvas tent, with partially concealed poles for easy guy-rope free installation, ample crossflow ventilation and canvas weather coverings inside and out.

Cementing its offroad intent, the Black Edition Meridian Walk In weighs in at just 820kg Tare, and 1500kg ATM.


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