The new micro-hybrid Scorpion by Rhinomax Campers fuels company move

Camper Trailer Australia — 4 February 2016

The new 1600sqm premises in Maroochydore affords Rhinomax the space to treble production without impacting customer wait times, giving the company the freedom to develop models that address specific buyer needs.

The new two-factory plant separates fabrication from fitout, which co-owner Steve Punton expects will enable Rhinomax Campers to find efficiencies in production across the board.

The first of the models to have sparked the move is the Scorpion, a 10ft micro-hybrid that’s due for release in two weeks.

“The new venue has given us space to put the Scorpion straight into production [from the moment it’s released].”

Steve said the Scorpion had been in development for the last nine months, and was designed on 3D modelling software Solidworks in collaboration with prospective customers.

“We take in a lot of input [from our customers] and that enables us to develop something that best fits their needs – we can do all the engineering.”

Steve said Rhinomax Campers has deployed many space saving initiatives in the interior of the Scorpion, including the unique bed that lifts into the roof area when not being used during the day to reveal a comfortable lounge seating area.

But Rhinomax Campers isn’t stopping there.

“Our hybrids have taken off faster than what we would have envisaged and this year we will be releasing another three models.”

The company is also negotiating with prospective dealers, and promises an announcement soon.

“We are selling a lot more into areas like Vic, NSW and WA and combined with the premises, the new dealership network will give us a lot bigger reach.”


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