Next-gen Hilux: Smoother Engine with a ‘prado-like’ Interior, Says Ironman 4x4 of Toyota’s Thailand Release

Camper Trailer Australia Magazine Staff — 23 July 2015

Kristian Ristell ­– suspension product manager for Ironman 4x4 – thought the new HiLux, launched recently in Thailand, offered a similar ride to the existing HiLux but with an interior ‘feel’ closer to that of a Prado.

Ristell also said the new 2.8L engine was smoother compared to the existing 3L turbodiesel, due in part to the extra gear ratios (six gears, up from five on the current selling model).

“It’ll be very interesting to see how the new 2.8L engine sells into the market,” adds Ironman 4x4 spokesperson Matthew Perkins.

“Being a HiLux, it’s guaranteed to be a big seller,” Matthew said.

Ironman 4x4 has so far revealed a prototype of its Commercial Deluxe Bar (shown) for the next-gen HiLux, developed for the Toyota's Thai launch.



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